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Georgia Ranked Eleventh Most Religious Country in the World

Latest Gallup global opinion poll canvassed 1000 people in each country

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Gallup International Association, a leading association in market research and polling, has published results of the latest global public opinion poll. 1000 people were canvassed in each country. Sociologists asked each respondent the same question: “Are you religious or not?” The results turned out predictable and at the same time remarkable.

According to the Gruzia Online portal, the most religious countries are Ghana (96% of respondents from this country said they are believers), Nigeria (93%), Armenia (92%), Fiji (92%), Macedonia (90%), Romania (89%), Iraq (88%), Kenya (88%), Peru (86%), Brazil (86%), Georgia (84%), Pakistan (83%), Moldova (83%), Colombia (83%).

Russia is in the centre of this list with the index of 55%. The least religious countries, according to the survey results, are as follow: China (with only 14% of believers among the respondents), Japan (16%), Czechia (20%), Turkey (23%), Sweden (29%), Vietnam (30%), Australia (37%), France (37%).

As for atheism, China is ranked first. 47% of respondents from this country said they are convinced atheists; then come the following countries: Japan (31%), Czechia (30%), France (29%), South Korea (15%), Germany (15%), the Netherlands (14%). Russia is ranked 20th in this list with 6% calling themselves staunch atheists.

52,000 residents from 57 countries that make up 73% of the world’s population were interviewed during this poll.

“Religion is still dominant in our everyday life and we see that the total number of people who regard themselves religious is considerably large,” said President of Win / Gallup International Association Jean-Marc Leger (Canada), commenting on the research results.

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