Voting: Only Legitimate When the West Does It!

The Western world is celebrating LGBTQ rights, but they neglect the rights of others

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LGBTQ activists are celebrating around the world. Ireland has become the leader in legalizing gay marriage by a popular vote. According to the BBC, “More than 62% voted for same-sex marriage - almost 38% were against it.” The tacit approval of mainstream media is striking because because Crimea’s referendum is still ignored by neo-liberals and neo-conservatives alike, despite having more than 80% of the population voting by more than 93% to rejoin Russia. The Guardian stated, “Ireland has voted by a huge majority to legalize same-sex marriage.” In yet another article they called the referendum in Crimea “a sham display of democracy.” What a sham display of reporting.

The sham Guardian article was written by a British propagandist who wrote speeches for David Cameron. When it comes to the people of Crimea, the western media has nothing nice to say about declaring freedom from an illegitimate, U.S.-backed government in Kiev; however, when it comes to 'rights’ for homosexual marriage, the MSM rejoices. Again, last year the media bashed Russia as “anti-gay” when Russia voted against homosexual propaganda aimed at youth.

Self-determination is only for Europeans, apparently...
Self-determination is only for Europeans, apparently...

The MSM openly displays its own agenda in accepting only the stories that fit its particular narrative, while denying the other side any degree of legitimacy and dismissing it with blatant intolerance and defamation. They clamor for tolerance of their views, and label anyone who disagrees with them as homophobic, a bigot, or subject them to some other kind of slanderous and/or personal attack. Authentic logic is thrown out the window. Perhaps this is why the West no longer teaches logic as a required subject, and often does not even offer this discipline in state-run schools. Heaven forbid if their citizens actually thought critically, and did not soak up everything the MSM states as "fact".

Let’s set the story straight. Russia is not “anti-gay” in the way the MSM makes it seem. The Western media portrays Russia as if they do not allow gays to exist in their borders and that they secretly support or overlook attacks on gays. The truth is there are people in Russia who disagree with homosexuality. Just like numerous other U.S. states, countries, and people around the world. In reality, the majority of Russians see homosexuality as abnormal. Does this make them bigots or “anti-gay”? Can people not disagree with a lifestyle choice without being libeled? People should be allowed to choose whatever life they want to live, and the beliefs they hold dear, but that does not mean these views must be forced upon others.

Humans have free will. However, some see such lifestyles as harmful, especially when those views are forced upon children. The law created last year was against gay propaganda towards children. What is wrong with that? The reality is that the majority of Russia does not support gay pride parades, or even strait pride parades for that matter. People running down the street naked and conducting lewd acts in public should be viewed as beyond impolite in any civilized nation. The problem with the West is that it allows nearly anything to go in the name of individual freedom, as long as there is no physical harm.

Well, what about psychological or spiritual harm? If a young child is exposed to sexual acts, pornography, gay parades, or any number of homosexual materials, then this could produce lasting damage to the child’s psyche. Even children with gay parents have been coming out recently, to the bane of the extremist gay ‘rights’ activists. It should not come as a surprise that with the recent ‘progress’ of homosexual propaganda in the West, there are more children questioning their identity, taking hormones, and eventually have gender reassignment operations.

Some of those who have had such operations greatly regret this later in life or while they are still young, and people want taxes to cover multiple “transitions”? This is viewed as the "enlightened" and "progressive" approach to a new and accepting society. It is based on a lie that people are suppose to be happy no matter what, rather than becoming truly selfless. Meanwhile, those who resist are labeled and bashed as intolerant bigots for the sheer audacity of their disagreement. 

It has been a rapid progression since the 70s or so, but in the last 10 years views have changed rapidly. This is pushed forward as "science", but the reality is that science has little to do with the matter, considering that multiple scientific studies of identical twins show that genetics has nothing to do with being "born that way". There are other studies that claim the opposite, which makes the determination inconclusive for some. Even if people were "born gay" there is a major difference from having same-sex attraction, and then acting on those feelings or impulses. Humans are not defined by their sexuality, or at least they shouldn't be defined this way.

Yet, try telling that to a "progressive" and see where it goes – most likely all the way to logical fallacies especially ad hominems, straw man arguments, and charges of naïveté, ignorance, hatred, or just outright stupidity. It is usually the same rhetoric by the so-called "educated" which makes any critical thinking person realize that some education is indeed intolerant of differing conclusions.

People can choose whatever path they wish. The Patriarch of Moscow stated something to the effect of, “The Russian Orthodox Church will never recognize same-sex marriages, even though it acknowledges freedom of choice in pursuing a certain way of life, even if a sinful one.” This is the reality. When it comes to individual lifestyles this is one’s own choice, but when it comes to society as a whole, people must respect each other's views. This is why Russia made laws prohibiting homosexual propaganda. They know how damaging homosexual propaganda has become in the West. This does not make them bigots. Their culture knows what truly matters, because of the teachings of the Orthodox Church. The West hates this. 

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