At Gallery 11.12 - Maxim Bashev’s "IN VOGUE”

Friday May 22nd through 17 June Gallery 11.12 presents a stunning contemporary art project from Maxim Bashev

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A new contemporary art projects, "In Vogue”, by Maxim Bashev opens in Moscow at Gallery 11.12 starting this Friday May 22. The exhibition conjoins the aesthetics of fashion photography and modern visual technology.

The mixed media exhibition approaches the look of and beauty of fashion from a unique perspective from subjects such as Vogue, Elle, and L'officiel. The sense of Bashev is achieved in presenting the art viewer with a more lively and innately creative sense of these “In Vogue” concepts. 

<figcaption>Выставка Максима Башева 'In Vogue'</figcaption>
Выставка Максима Башева 'In Vogue'

In a very “state of art today” temperament, this new and gripping project reflects an ethereal thought and motive as the world of supermodels and all things glossy and shiney acquires the lifelike voice of icons brought to life. Maxim Bashev will present an opening performance debut visitors will not forget. For a brief preview readers may want to visit the exhibition Facebook pages here

Gallery 11.12" , for those unfamiliar, opened at the modern art Center "Winery" back in August of 2011. The gallery offers a unique collection of artwork that combines both the traditions of Russian realism, and such trends in art of the twentieth century, avant-garde and postmodernism. One of the fastest growing contemporary art galleries internationally, 11.12 participates in worldwide art fairs from Kiev to Chicago and beyond.

For more information on this free exhibition readers may contact the Moscow Contemporate Art Center "Winery" via the website here, or Gallery 11.12 via phone: +7 495 940 6471 or Email: [email protected]

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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