Finland Has a New Ride-a-Stick Sport. Kyrgyzstan Has Horse Wakeboarding

The battle of two new equestrian sports. The battle of East and West

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If you're a depressed goth the place to be right now is Finland. That's because the locals came up with a cool new equestrian sport – in which you actually ride a stick, not a horse, but you pretend that it's a horse. You also pretend you're actually riding, because actually you're just hopping around on your own power.

Named "hobbyhorse" it is truly the coolest thing you could imagine. Not even Arthur Fonzarelli, the epitome of cool have come up with that one. Also it's "all about empowerment". That's why enthusiasts of the sport have marches in which they demand respect. Because apparently if you prance around with a "horse" stick you don't get that much.

Now Kyrgyzstan, the home of yurt-dwelling, horse-milk-drinking nomads, has answered Finland with a new equestrian sport, which is also kind of neat, albeit not nearly as cool as hobbyhorse:

We admit it looks quite pleasant, albeit surely not as glorious as riding an imaginary pony. Also looks a tad dangerous. 

Sorry East! Good effort, but West wins again. 

Hobbyhorse, "#$% yeah!

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