Yes, Moscow Has Sand Sculptures; Yes, They're Amazing

Sand sculptures depicting the rollercoaster of human history have sprung up in Sokol'niki Park!

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It's not -20° outside, which means: It's sand sculptin' time! Sand sculptures created by winners of international competitions and events from across the country have been resurrected in Moscow's Sokol'niki Park.

Visitors will behold numerous sculptures depicting the development of human civilization, as well as the imagined future of our — let's face it — troubled planet.

The exposition will be open to Muscovites until the end of September. Come now while the sand is still hot! 

"The Future"  by Ruslan Korovkov

"Time keepers" by Dmitry Baklamenko

A delightful sand lizard.

"Сaveman" (or maybe "Shrek"?) by Mihail Fedotov

"Egypt" by Eugeny Gomanov

"Ancient Greece" by Pavel Mil'nikov

"Napoleon". Russia's favorite guy!

"Ancient Rome" by Sergey Knish

"Сonquistador" Alexander Judkov

"Renaissance" by Alexey Ribak

"Golden Horde" by Teimur Abdulganiev. Another friend of the Russians...

"Vikings" by Ivan Zverev

"Сrusade" by Ivan Savenkov

When: 01.05-30.09.2015. 
Operating hours: Mon.-Fri.,11:00-22:00, Sat.-Sun., 10:00-22:00.
Address: Sokol'niki Park, Moscow. Sokolnichesky Val, 1 , p. 1 .

Metro: Sokolniki.

Tickets start at 300 rubles. 

Come and see the past and future — in sand!

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