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Disney's New 'Nutcracker' Imagines a Magical Tsarist Russia Full o' Black Folks

Hollywood's black guilt meets Hollywood's Russophobia meets Hollywood's globalist best fantasy ever meets Swedish faggery

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Boy, is there a lot of diversity in this film.

If I were Disney, I would rename the film, "The Black and the Cracka."

Because, it is a film that, from what I can tell, sports an all white girl and black guy cast.

* * *

Everything from black ballerinas to black godfathers and black nutcrackers – all set in a fantastical version of Tsarist Russia.

As I watched the trailer, the word “kangz” kept echoing in my head.

If you want to know what the future holds, imagine having your history replaced by kangz and you forced to watch it… again and again.

Also, from IMDB – the director:

 ...  The Eternal Swede strikes again!

*  *  *

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MORE: Culture

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