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This Amazing Island Monastery Has Finally Been Noticed by the West

Ivan the Terrible's old fortress is now world-renowned tourist attraction

This article from our archives was first published on RI in August 2017

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This old staging area for Ivan the Terrible's Invasion of the Tatar-Mongolian capital of Kazan is home to a beautiful monastery. The whole island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out this video by our youtube channel along with some beautiful pictures below.

The architecture blends Neo-Byzantine (far right in the back) with the national Russian piered construction (center).

Dormition Cathedral represents a typical Russian style of church with three distinctive piers.
The dome is pear and bud shaped domes (as opposed to the typical onion shape), and gables is reminiscent of Ukrainian Baroque,
which inspired similar patterns in Moscow Baroque. 

The large church is named in honor of "The Mother of God - the Joy of those who Sorrow".
It's architecture is distinctly Byzantine inspired.
Notice how it's domes are large and egg shaped compared the smaller Russian onion dome on the left.
The church itself is round, cave-like, and enveloping compared to the shaper verticality of the Russian style.

A chronicle mentioning the founding of the fortress by Ivan the Terrible.
The cities name "Sviyazhsk" is written in medieval Russian starting on the fourth line from the bottom,
the word begins with the "C" immediately after the "oy" and ends with the second letter "O" on the third line.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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