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6 Vacation Rentals for a Russian Trip to Remember

A room in St. Petersbur, an attic loft in Moscow, or a lonely house on a remote island, or a straw house in the Altai mountains?

This article from our archives was first published on RI in July 2015

This article originally appeared at The Moscow Times

Want to make your Russian holiday even more memorable? Avoid the hotels and try one of these unusual rooms for rent.

Little Britain in St. Petersburg 

If you are traveling from the UK and not quite ready to immerse yourself fully and immediately into Russian culture, "Penny Lane" will soften the culture shock.

This small but very cosy hotel offers its guests walls plastered with photos and posters of the Beatles and a door painted to resemble one of London's famous red phone boxes, topped with an 'Abbey Road' plaque.

The kitchen is filled with tartan prints, stacks of baked beans cans and, who knows, maybe the owners even have a hidden pot of Marmite? 

Following British hospitality traditions, the hotel is very clean, provides all the basic necessities (including tea and biscuits, of course) and makes an amazing deal for the price. How marvelous! 

Where: St Petersburg 
How much: 1,200 rubles per night 
How many: 5 double rooms and 1 single room 


Moscow Attic Loft with Character 

Looking for something stunning in the center of Moscow? Hold your breath for this one. Located just minutes away from Red Square, this attic loft furnished with leather and wooden vintage pieces will make you feel like forgoing the clubs and spending every night at home.

Rough plaster work, painted white and gold, combined with dark natural wood make this apartment look like it could have served as inspiration for Gustav Klimt. 

Location, character, comfort — this flat has it all. 

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Where: Moscow 
How much: 6,248 rubles ($109) per night 
How many: Can sleep up to 3 



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