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The Subway Stations in St. Petersburg Are Amazing!

Saint Petersburg's metro stations have stunning architecture and each one has its own history. Below are a few of the most breathtaking stations

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Avtovo station

"Avtovo" opened in 1955. It received its name due to its location in the historic district of Avtovo.

The theme of the station is the defense of Leningrad. Chandeliers, lamps, ornaments decorated with Laurel branches, swords and other emblems of valor. The far wall of the central underground hall is decorated a mosaic called "Victory", with the image of a woman and her child.

<figcaption>Elegance you won't find in New York's garbage-filled metro</figcaption>
Elegance you won't find in New York's garbage-filled metro

In 2014, The Guardian named Avtovo one of the 12 most beautiful stations in the world.

The station is lit by chandeliers, located at the center of the room and on the station platforms.


Kirov factory

The station "Kirov factory" was build in 1955 and received its name from the Kirov factory located nearby."Kirov factory" is columned station deep underground (44 meters). 
The station's theme: "development of socialist industry"



This station opened in 1956.

The original design of the station was planned to conicide with the construction of the Tsarskoye Selo railway, the first in Russia.

A station devoted entirely to Pushkin

The station is entirely dedicated to the great Russian poet Pushkin, and is considered one of the most beautiful in the St. Petersburg metro. It is the only station of the first line not designed by architects from Leningrad.


Zvenigorodskaya station opened in 2008.

On the central wall of the lower lobby of the station is a large mural of the Semenovsky regiment.

The floor of "Zvenigorodskaya" is lined with green granite and walls are covered with marble.
A mural dedicated to the Semenov regiment



This station opened in 2012.

The lobby of "Mezhdunarodnaya" is dedicated to the birth of civilization.

A mural of Atlanta

The main decoration of the station is a mosaic mural of Atlanta, the traditional symbol of St. Petersburg. The walls are faced with white marble, and the floor is made of grey granite. 

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