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Excellent Discussion of the Russia Debate in the US on RT's Leading Talk Show (Crosstalk)

Fewer guests, opposing views - it's a real debate in this episode

We love this subject - it is why Russia Insider got started - because the debate in the US and Europe about Russia was preposterously unbalanced and practically non-existent.

This is a good episode, partly because, with 2 guests instead of the usual 3, there is a more substantial conversation and debate.

<figcaption>on the wane in the USA</figcaption>
on the wane in the USA

Carden argues that the atmosphere in the US is approaching McCarthy-like public hounding of anyone who disagrees with the neo-con dominated media on Russia.

Carafano argues that this is just the nature of public discourse in America given new media realities, nothing sinister going on.

Carden is a regular contributor to The Nation magazine, which is practically the only prominent US publication leading the debate against the mainstream view.  He has written several important and excellent articles criticizing US Russia policy which we profoundly agree with.

Carafano is from the stridently Russophobic and neo-con Heritage Foundation.

It's an interesting discussion, and it speaks volumes about what is going on in the US right now.

Lavelle is good in this episode too, because this is a subject he knows well and cares about.  

As usual, he is as much debate contestant as moderator, and mixes it up with Carafano.



This is convenient, one can listen to it now in audio on smartphones...


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