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Crazy Croissant Tells Fairy Tales About Russia (VIDEO)

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron says he has "strong" evidence of foreign cyber attacks on his campaign website. He won't reveal this evidence because what's the point? Blame Russia.

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Mad macaroon Emmanuel Macron says he has reams of evidence of foreign meddling in the French election. More monkey business from the CIA? Of course, but he is referring to something different and very dumb:

“We suffered repeated and multiple attacks from hackers,” Macron said Friday in an interview on Radio Classique. “Many come from Ukraine.”

<figcaption>A mad macaroon </figcaption>
A mad macaroon

Macron’s comments come as worries about cyber interference put European officials on high alert after U.S. agencies concluded that Russian hacking may have hurt Hillary Clinton’s election campaign last year. Francois Hollande, France’s outgoing president, this week requested a full briefing on protection measures against cyber attacks after Macron’s campaign team called for action.

Ukraine. Russia. They're like the same country, right? Here is RT asking this crazy croissant if he can provide one shred of evidence proving that he has been targeted by Putin's private squad of computer nerds:

The French are a real hoot.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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