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Crazy Carly Fiorina: Shoot Down Russian Jets to Protect Allies in Syria (Video)

Calls for a no-fly zone around US-backed forces, admits that it is "dangerous", and "tricky" but very necessary...

Carly has been one of the most shreakingly hawkish candidates, something we wrote about at length a week ago, in an article titled:  Certifiably Crazy Carly: Mrs Fiorina & the Sad Decline of a Once Great Nation

In this video, she seems very high-strung, like she's had several cups of coffee.  Probably not someone you want in the Oval Office during a crisis.

<figcaption>She's raawwther high strung ...</figcaption>
She's raawwther high strung ...

She ran Hewlett Packard into the ground.  One shudders to think where she would take the US.



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