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COVID Test Results in 30 Minutes - Russia and Japan Have Invented a Better Test, Mass Testing to Begin in April

Russia will launch a pilot project for mass screening of the population for the Coronavirus COVID-19. Specialists will use the unique Russian-Japanese system, which displays the result in 30 minutes.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Meanwhile, in the US it takes on average 1 week to receive test results. Embarrassing.


Russia will launch a pilot project for mass screening of the population for the coronavirus COVID-19 in April.

Specialists will use the unique Russian-Japanese system, which displays the result in 30 minutes.

The project will be handled by the Coronavirus Alliance, which includes the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Yandex and

They agreed on this on March 19 following the meeting held by Prime Minister Mishustin.

The government itself, in turn, today decided how to keep the disease situation under control and how to support the economy.

Alexey Petrov reports:

Russia has experience in combating epidemics, and at the international level, too. And the country will cope with the pandemic, emphasizes Prime Minister Mishustin.

The main thing now is the clarity and coherence of the work of all government agencies. A government official statement released today lists resources.

At the disposal of physicians - 40 thousand mechanical ventilation devices, 55 thousand infectious beds are deployed, 7,500 boxes for patients are prepared. A stock of medicines and personal protective equipment has been created. Medical organizations are ready for various scenarios.

We have also set up production of diagnostic test systems and organized testing of all people who are in our country from the countries where this infection is spread. And also those with whom they contacted.

There are already over seven hundred such test systems. They will be sent to all regions.

In addition, the state will financially support doctors who are now working without rest. Almost 12 billion rubles is additionally allocated from the budget for this.

Another major topic is the provision of essential goods. They will be monitored strictly including price control.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal State Statistics Service and the government’s communication center will begin operational monitoring of all prices in every region, in every retail chain and pharmacy on March 20th. This applies to food, children's goods, medicines, and medical products, and, of course, disinfectants and personal protective equipment.

A sufficient level of stocks of such products should be formed in retail chains. These are shelves of a Moscow supermarket: there are plenty to choose from.

A similar picture in Tula - canned food, vegetables, sugar, everything is in place. But if something runs out, it is promptly brought from the warehouse.

One of the pasta factories in Chelyabinsk, the work is going smoothly here, as well as at the flour mill in Ryazan. It is increased flour production in the Stavropol Territory. We switched to full capacity - fifty tons per day.

There are products. Nobody closes. And we are ready to provide everyone with products in the normal mode.

From March 20, for a month, all restrictions on the supply of essential goods are canceled. Customs duties on imports, for example, of medicines and medical devices, are suspended.

But the Russian industry should produce more masks and protective equipment. It will be tracked online. To do this, a single information center is being created where information will be received for each region.

Online drug sales without prescription will be simplified. But control, on the contrary, will be strengthened so that there is no counterfeit.

Particular attention of the state to those areas where the situation is most difficult. Deferrals are also provided for tax payments.

I have already instructed to provide such a delay to the tourism industry and air carriers by the 1st of May.
In addition, we decided to exempt tour operators this year from paying contributions to the reserve fund of the Turoperators help association.

In the near future, the Ministry of Economic Development, together with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and, of course, with Rostourism, will develop a procedure for compensation for losses of tour operators that are associated with irrevocable tariffs for air travel.

In addition, operational monitoring of the labor market, primarily in single-industry towns, will be conducted weekly throughout the country.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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