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COVID Is a Neocon Biowar Attack on China - Unpacking Ron Unz's Bombshell Article (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

Another great deep-dive, available on their weekend show, which is free to the public (the mid-week show is behind a paywall).

Want to understand why it looks like Neocon hawks and US and Israeli bioweapons programs are the true culprits behind the COVID tragedy? This is a great way to do it - the team dissect and analyze last week's exraordinary enormous 7000 word article from Ron Unz making the case.

They also slap Tucker Carlson around for jumping on the 'BLAME CHINA!' propaganda carousel.

From the FTN Website:

In this clip, Jazz and James unpack Ron Unz' "American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?" by revisiting the 1999 U.S. attack on the Belgrade Chinese embassy with a new perspective, informed by two decades of American government lies. Knowing what we do now about Hong Kong, Soleimani, Syria- what would the U.S. government be willing to lie about doing in China?

Here's the clip from the FTN YouTube channel. Transcript follows below.

(Backup audio in case YouTube deletes the original)

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And now back to Fash, the nation heard only on the t.r.'s radio network. Looking back at what you hear and as we alluded to at the end of the first hour, we're going to talk about coronavirus in light of the geopolitical context.

And in light of the developments we're seeing and advancements of the political kosher dialectic, we talked about the protest, sort of the two options you're being given for protesting. But there's been an escalation, as some like to say. There's been an escalation on the political front on this. This political op, this holding pen that has been constructed that is designed to get you really angry at China. Right. You're not supposed to be angry at the U.S. system. You're not supposed to be angry at the government for not making you whole during this crisis, for locking you at home without giving you the ability to feed your family or pay or et cetera.

You're supposed to be angry at the liberal health care workers, the lib tards.

And at China and Jazz, we've talked about this. We've sort of been mentioning this as it has developed over the last month or so. But the last two weeks have really been an explosion in this anti-China rhetoric, haven't they? This has been the new narrative from U.S. intelligence sources, from the GOP, from the wine. That's all of them repeating the same line, which is that Corona virus is not just a disease that came to us from China. This is an act of war. This is a bio weapon. China must pay.

They must pay for further for the ills that they've committed against the United States in our way of life. You know, it's like the from the beginning of the show and we're doing the through fault these poor children, through no fault of their own. There's just these like trademark poll tested things that they do and the threatening our way of life. Like another one.

It's like, let's unpack that statement. What is our way of life and what is that really? Oh, you don't want to talk about that. You don't want to talk about what our way of life is really all about and the trajectory of our way of life for the last five or six decades. You don't want to get down to brass tacks. Oh, yeah. I didn't think so. Just shut the fuck up. So, yeah, we'd love to.

We'd love to have a discussion about our way of life. Yes. And as the leading the leading politically moderate podcast.

Are we talking about our way of life all the time? We're defending our way of life every single day on this program. And. Right. Yeah. In their projection of our way of life to just just shut the fuck up.

Yeah. All of us here at MSNBC. US, Chuck Todd, Chuck matto. We're all deeply invested, Joe, meaning our way of life.

Joe and Mika are up next with their reading of the International Jew by Henry Ford. Yeah, it's just fucking hilarious. But yeah, I mean, this we've seen this rhetoric come out from the very beginning. In fact, it's something that was picked up on and do I mean to put it into this stuff? The reason it's 1. So you've probably seen wuv flu. You've probably seen chai com virus. You've probably seen a lot of this stuff and this this sort of racism toward Chinese that is acceptable, right? Like just like after 9/11, you know, it became acceptable in certain corners. There is a line that you couldn't cross, but it was perfectly okay to to be anti-Muslim. In fact, that's what drove a lot of the Tea Party. Was Barack Obama the secret Muslim communist? And what's funny what's funny in retrospect, I'm realizing this just now is that the birther stuff that Trump did in 2012 when he was considering running for president, it wasn't about like any sort of racial animus toward Obama or getting to the bottom of whether Obama was born in America or not.

And regardless of whatever you think about the birther stuff that, oh, it's it's again, that actually doesn't matter. How was it used to promote this sort of a thing? And they did the same thing with with AOC and so on and so forth. And they have gone back to the well on anti-Chinese sentiment, which is something that actually has a very long history in the United States. Saker over it.

Un's actually put together a very nice write up of this list of of things that make this so easy to shoehorn in. It makes actually a lot of sense. And I'm going to start with this audio clip from Jeanine Pirro. Now, Jeanine Pirro is somebody who is at Fox News. She is. I think, James, you're telling me that she showed up now that everybody's working from home. I guess, you know, the fact that she doesn't have to show up at the studio in New York anymore is making a little bit harder to conceal. You know, her her interest in consuming alcohol. And, you know, at times when she needs to be doing her job and she shows drunk at her job at one point recently.

Yeah. Yeah, that happened.

Nice. Yeah. So she. When was this. March 16th. Twenty nineteen. Everybody remember. Hers, when she was actually publicly rebuked by Fox News for an on air monologue about questioning Aoki's loyalty to the United States. Remember, this is yet another kosher dialectic. And Jeanine Pirro is really the best at pulling this stuff off. And now, you know, she's back at Fox. She's got her primetime show and she's got the China rhetoric on lockdown. Here we go with a little Jeanine Pirro.

Your models are out of control. The economy is out of control. China is the one that's out of control. We're not going to let you destroy this country or our way of life. We've worked too hard and we fought too long to lose it to our war. And that's what I said. Our war and virus that China knew about openly lied about said it couldn't be transmitted from human to human and intentionally protected Chinese citizens from the virus, but allowed that virus to be released, putting the rest of the world at risk. You want to control people, you politicians want to flex your muscles. We'll start working on how you're going to punish, ostracize, alienate and financially sanction and make China accountable for what they did to was and the rest of the world. But keep your damn hands off us and do something about what got us into this mess in the first place.

You know, just listening to her, I can envision this being this exact tone and what she's saying. You can envision this like being screened by some boomer woman at 1:30 a.m. at a sports bar. She's getting dragged out by her husband. OK, calm down. You know, just you know, it's crazy. The unhinged mind going on there with with Pirro.

But yeah, couple things on on things that Pirro said in that audio that are particularly of interest. First of all, she's reading from a teleprompter.

This was not an off the cuff, sort of emotionally charged is sort of a composite of compassionate rhetoric, impassioned rhetoric, I should say. She's reading off a teleprompter. So all of this stuff was was fed into her and she just played the part and the things that she's calling for against China. She's she's taking this populist sentiment that people have that the American government isn't doing anything for them or on their behalf. And she's saying she's targeting politicians who aren't doing anything and they're not doing anything on the things that we want. And Reid channeling it into things that we don't want or that you should not want.

And they you you politicians are sitting there just talking and running your mouth. Well, here's what you need to do about China and you need to do it right now.

And then she gives a whole list of things that they want. And the biggest one of interest is the financial sanctions, because this plays indirectly to what we talked about last weekend with the U.S. versus China and the long history of Jews in China, Jews and Mao's inner circle, and the fact that they were prepping to make sure that communism didn't go in a direction that they didn't want it to go, and it actually went in a direction where it became capitalism. And now that they are in the process, Larry Fink and others of setting up partnerships with like the Chinese Construction Bank and so on and so forth, in in making sure that there are these organizations where the stakeholders are Jewish in China partnering with Chinese finance.

It's a capitalist system now. So it's compatible with the you know, what Larry Fink wants to do and these financial sanctions from the United States.

It's like, oh, I'm so sorry. China says that to you. But we have some good solutions for you while you're under these dire economic circumstances. So you can see what Pierro is calling for here. And she's also feeding into people. You know, boomers are watching this and getting real riled up and excited and trying to make us pay and all of this. It's they're all singing in concert, James.

I mean, it's Tucker Carlson. Is is is Ben right at the forefront of all of this?

You have a number of other people who've been doing it as well. And why not have picked up on it? And even some of these libertarian articles that people have sent me to read and, you know, take seriously about their opinions on on the lockdowns and so forth. I mean, I get one paragraph and it's calling it the chai com flu. And I'm like, no, I'm out.

Yeah. See you later. I'm not interested.

And so people are picking up on this and maybe even people who don't have the worst intentions, maybe part of their rhetoric is correct. Maybe they get things half right. The easiest thing that they pick up on is this sort of woo flu in China. You know, Chinese virus. And Trump was doing it for a while. And Pierro did it there, too.

She's like, that's right. I said it the Wu Hohn virus. It's like, wow. It's like she she said a really bad word, James. Well, don't catch yourself on that edge, Janine. It's like our problems are solved.

Now that you've you've taken up this is not the N word pass. It's like the C word pass. Yeah, that has been handed to you and the license to be racist. Sure. Yeah. And this is, I think, the most clear cut example of this anger being redirected into into nefarious means. And we have. This is actually a direct directly analogous to what's going on with the protests. Right. The people that are angry about not being able to work, their anger is being redirected towards their governors for keeping them locked down. And it's being redirected in the in the geopolitical sphere towards China. Yeah. Because people and we've said this before and it's important to say, again, people want to blame someone. They have a feeling, a natural feeling that this is being done to them by someone.

And so if it was that, which is perfectly valid, there's nothing invalid about that at all. Told the rally. Yeah.

Right. But if you let that impulse go, go uncontrolled and you let people stay home and consume media and research and figure out who was doing this to them. Yeah. The results are not going to be good for the elites at the top of this system, which is why they need to tell you if you're on the left again, if you want the liberals, the people doing this to you and causing the problems or the stupid rednecks in pickup trucks with canopy beds and on the right, the magnet magazines, people doing this to you or the Chinese will be angry. Them and yeah, we've seen a full frontal assault from conservative media putting these talking points out there and seeding them and you're seeing them now bubble up among the the what I guess could be called non-professional conservative mediasphere as well.

It's the whole China. China must pay. China did this, too. You're feeling pain goig. It was China and it didn't get mad at them. They're the one. And it's it's amazing because this is the same strategy. You want to talk about kosher dialectics? Let's talk about the Cold War. What happened during the Cold War? What was going on in America? While the cold while people were living in fear of a nuclear bomb that was gonna be dropped on them at any moment. What happened at the height of the Cold War, 1965? How many times have we covered things that have happened on this on this program? In 1965, immigration. You had a civil rights act. You had the student loan being guaranteed, bank guaranteed by the government, virtually guaranteeing academia unlimited growth. And now they're the ones first in line for a bailout. They have all these billion dollar endowments and they're demanding a bailout and shoving small businesses up from nothing actual up from nothing small businesses. That's the funny thing is while conservatives are telling you that you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, they're taking a very sharp pair of scissors and cutting any bootstraps that you might have had. Like some small business, it's started up from nothing, created a pizza shop in their hometown. And now that's going under. And what's going to come in? You know, some big dominos or an anti-racist Papa John's. It's just like the whole thing. The whole thing. The whole thing is totally fucked. And so you have Tucker doing this and I didn't realize this, but this is starting to make a whole lot of sense. I've forgotten that Tucker tried to join the CIA. Did you know that? Or did you remember that, that he had tried to get into the CIA at one point?

I had no idea. I had no idea until I was reading this article on guns from Saker. Thus, Saker.

Tucker Carlson apparently had a former CIA officer, Brian Dean, right to tell his audience about the danger posed by the Chinese menace and pitched him a question clearly geared to set up right to claim without evidence that leaders of the Democratic Party may be, in fact, members of the Chinese intelligence agency and the SS. We reached out to Senator Feinstein and a number of other elected officials today. If you had contact recently since the outbreak with Chinese officials and not a single one responded. What do you think we should infer from that? Asked Carlson, who is known to have himself tried to join the CIA in the past. I think that they're nervous, right said. I think that there are a bunch of people who, because they're useful idiots, either useful idiots, or they have some degree of knowledge and relationships behind the scenes with the Chinese government. Some of them, in fact, could be Chinese agents of the MSDS, their intelligence services. God forbid they're nervous. We've got a lot of nervous folks in the Democratic Party right now, Wright added. I mean, that's just unbelievable. If China did this to you and the people on the left are agents of the Chinese government, it never ends, does it?

Never. Right. And the Chinese did this virus to you. That actually isn't deadly, but it is really a bad thing. Australiana did it to you. And these Democrats are actually they're locking you down because they're agents of the Chinese government and they know that the virus isn't deadly. It really is. And that's why it never Ockham's Razor to slice through all of this. And that's what we're gonna do this second hour and and lay out a case that actually, you know, take all of this stuff aside. The case we're gonna make here is is significantly more probable than this. This kabuki theater being setup for you by the GOP aligned media.

Yeah, this case is I mean, it puts most of the puzzle pieces together. And it's not a conspiracy theory. I mean, it's like you'll see how this unfolds. And I think most people will agree that there are some unknowns and we'll we'll call those out for what they are. But I want to continue with this.

This list from Secour, because it's really it's really a great list of the things that have made this so easy to do. No one is anti-China. anti-China propaganda has been in the US for a long time. It's really easy to rekindle it.

Most Americans have a completely irrational reaction to the word communist. So it's really easy for any U.S. propaganda Allah to mention CCP, which we've seen rife throughout the wing punditry and lies in the same sentence in sound immediately credible irrespective of what else the sentence claims, like no factual evidence. Number three, the US plutocracy is terrified of the Chinese economic and industrial power. Hence the vilification of companies like Wang Wei or DJI, which are declared a national security threat to the US. Blame everything on the Chinese and the US all. Will love it. Right. So when you're out there doing and wuvt. I mean, you're justs. I'm sorry, but it's like. Yeah. One of the most Shabbos things that you could possibly do.

Right. And this isn't to say that that in response, you know, swing the pendulum back the other way. And yes, we love while away, we love DGI, turn over all of our tech to them. This this obsession. Yeah, but but fixing people's attention on companies like Walkway Away or DGI? Well, what companies aren't you focusing on when you're doing that? You're not talking about cyber reason. You're not talking about carbine nine one one. You're not talking about the very real and documented intrusion of Israeli spy tech into the upper echelon. From the upper echelons of the U.S. military and intelligence services all the way down to consumer grade technology. You're not talking about that. You're talking about war, 5G mass or DGI like spying on you with your drone.

Yeah, well, and also, China is the one where it took place. They were the first people to be dealing with this. I mean, the United States and Europe and all these other countries around the world saw what was happening and they had lead time to react.

And they still fumbled the ball. China had no idea of what was happening. And so it became extremely easy to accuse them of deliberate obfuscation when in fact, they really had no idea what the fuck was going on. And they informed everybody as early as New Year's Eve.

I even remember when this when this came out. I mean, they warned them from the beginning. And so, yeah, this is this is the typical bullshit. And then also the US political culture is that ninety nine point nine nine percent of Americans will believe literally any lie. And I mean, we all know what it's like to interact with normies, no matter how self-evidently stupid about the rest of the world, rather than accepting any unpleasant truth about the United States. This is the our way of life and our freedoms and yadda, yadda, yadda. So scapegoating any other power, especially a communist one, gets a knee jerk reaction of approval from the overwhelming majority of Americans. I mean, this is the typical this is what they do with AFSC. It's what they do with China. It's so easy for them to rekindle this. And there's a lot of reasons why they're doing it. And we're going to get into those. But yeah, it's it's it's the typical bullshit that goes on. China is also a major threat to U.S. interests in Asia. And this pandemic proved a perfect opportunity for the US to present reports from Taiwan as reports from China.

That is the usual old trick that they do. As for the Taiwanese government, they were more than happy to find yet another pretext to hate on China. Nothing new here either. And then finally, U.S. economists did not take long to figure out this pandemic would have a devastating effect on, quote, the best economy in the history of the galaxy. So preemptively blaming it all on China is a perfect way for Trump and neocons and Jews duff to deflect blame from themselves. So as this thing gets worse, as unemployment eclipses that of the Great Depression, as people are out of work, as the government RAPHE, as the US government refuses to help anyone.

China did this to you is the perfect way of dealing with this, dispensing with all sorts of blame.

And then you have all these all these headlines that have been planted intentionally. U.S. launches full scale investigation into the war on lab, the bio weapon. You have Cuomo coming out saying the Corona virus came to New York from Europe, not China. So Cuomo's out there blaming white people for this. Right.

And then you have Senator Holly let her out. We talked about this on the midweek show. Let Corona virus victims sue the Chinese Communist Party. I lost my job. Let the evil Chinese commies pay me back.

Is music to the ears for most Americans? Right. So it just. Yeah, it never ends. And U.S. politicians misread the situation.

And while they may have misread it or they just decided that this Chinese problem was a Chinese problem and it was no worse than the seasonal flu or both. And so yeah, if you are a just the flu, bro. Yeah. You were a victim of an intel op that was intentionally created to erect one side of the kosher dialectic. So don't get caught up in that. Don't keep repeating thing everything that you hear, because if you don't trace it back to its source, it's easy to figure this stuff out. In hindsight often, but it's harder to figure it out in real time. So it won't be the first time that people fall for these kinds of intel ops, nor it will be the last. James. Right. I mean, this has been going on now for quite a while.

Yeah. And when you look at the history, this is another example of being able to look back at events with a with a new perspective and a new lens that has been built through years of of, you know, other experiences informing how you perceive things. And there's a very good piece on the UN's review that. Came out this week where he does this. He goes back and he looks at it looks at the history of U.S. and Chinese conflicts starting in the 90s and and sort of takes another takes a fresh look. Look re analyzes these developments with a fresh set of eyes and, you know, comes to work, comes to a conclusion about a possible source of the virus that he makes a pretty compelling case for. And the full article is like seven thousand or so words long. Go check it out. Debt on debt.

The UN's review definitely worth the read. Highly recommend reading it. And again, this is just one perspective. But I will say this is by Ron Unz, too, by the way, not just on his site, but Ron Unz also did the fantastic. I think it's a series called American Pravda.

And interestingly enough, in many of the because I didn't find out about those until fairly recently came to a lot of the same conclusions that we have in many of our deep dive. So highly recommend people check those out, too. But just the caveat is this is this guy has been right about a lot of stuff and this is, you know, his perspective on this. But when you read it and you like for me, the feeling was, yeah, there are a lot of these pieces of this puzzle that, you know, we have like bits and pieces of information like the Charlie Lieber arrest, but didn't have any other connecting pieces of corroborating information to make any sense of it. So it's kind of like, all right, FBI just like dragged the Jew in chains. Who was a virologist in China. I don't know much else about this, but Ron actually put all this together in a way that makes a lot of sense. It's not something that I'm 100 percent committed to. But it you know, it's hard to argue with the logic here. And so figure we'd we'd unpack this and sort of explain it to people.

So he starts in the 90s, specifically 1999. This was a time when the U.S. had not been involved really in a major war since Desert Storm, which was in the early 90s. And then came the 1999 NATO air war against Serbia, which was presented as as being done to protect people in Kosovo, the Albanians in Kosovo from. From an ethnic cleansing. And overall, this was an operation that went off without a hitch except for one. And that was the accidental bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, which killed three Chinese diplomats and wounded dozens. And the Chinese claimed at the time that the attack was deliberate. The U.S., of course, blamed it on old maps that led to a targeting error. And at the time, as Unz writes, Americans, including him, they dismiss this as just Chinese, a Chinese attempt to gin up outrage against Americans both at home and internationally, and shift the attention from the Tiananmen Square massacre that it happened a decade earlier.

Now, Tiananmen Square is something that, you know, isn't really taught in schools, but but it is taught as the one you don't get the same type of education on that like you do about the Holocaust per say, or the treatment, the horrible treatment of American Indians. But it is taught as a as the moment in 20th century Chinese history. If it is taught at all right. And you're taught that there were, what, machine gun nests just mowing down thousands and thousands of Chinese students for no other reason than them demanding Western democracy and freedom. But Unz goes through the reports from the time, including reports from the Beijing bureau chief of The Washington Post at the time, a guy named Jay Mathews, who claimed that the event didn't actually happen as the Western media reported it. Matthews in 1988 was, you know, at the. No, not not revisionism. 30 years later, this was relatively close to the time when it was actually supposed to have happened. He wrote, quote, The problem is as far as can be determined from available evidence. No one died that night in Tianamen Square. A few people may have been killed by random shooting on the streets near the square, but all verified witnesses say the students who remained in the square when troops arrived were allowed to leave peacefully. And he goes on to talk about how the reports of the massacre came out of the Hong Kong press and where from students who couldn't verify they were actually where they claimed to be, people who later recanted their stories and how this became a myth that was seized upon by Western media and became canonised almost overnight, literally overnight. So, yeah, and that's that's with that knowledge that changes how Enns then goes on to perceive this this Chinese claim they made after the Belgrade bombing incident. And it's not just the Tiananmen Square clan, because he then goes and investigates the Belgrade embassy bombing itself, asking if that really was like the U.S. government claimed an accident. And he talked to a guy named Peter Lee, who is a.

If the United States government is claiming anything as an accident, it's like just missed me with that shit. I mean, that's the thing. It's like me not you know, this guy was talking about.

Ninety nine percent of Americans fall for like whatever lie. Of course, it's a totally an accident. Like, I remember the these bombings and I. Then it came out later that that it was not what they said it was. It's like it happens every time. It's like. So who takes the United States government's official word on anything? Nobody does. Everybody. Just like L-O-L, the official narrative. I mean, that's where that comes from. It's like Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, like, OK, just shut the fuck up.

Yeah. And that's the problem they have now, is that it isn't any longer than ninety nine point nine percent of Americans believing just unquestioningly and uncritically what the US government says. Now, maybe there was a time when that could have been the case. I don't think there ever was. But now, especially with with these debacles in the Middle East, people are very distrusting of what the government tells them. But at the time these NATO bombing raids, there were only a few. I don't I don't know. Were there any casualties? Were there any American casualties and all of this? There were it was very few. And so people weren't as invested in this. It was something happened. It was something happening in a place in Eastern Europe that ninety nine point nine percent of people probably could not place on a map. So people were not too up in arms about this.

But the story comes out later, of course, from from between congressional hearings and reporting done by The Guardian and testimony from U.S. intelligence sources, military sources, that the attack was indeed deliberate, including this one U.S. colonel who boasted that these smart bomb they had fired hit the exact room it was intended to in the Chinese embassy. And the this attack was the only one of these smart bomb attacks to be ordered by the CIA.

The rest of them were ordered by other branches of the military or other coalition partners. But this one specifically was ordered by the CIA. And the theory is that this was done to to destroy this U.S. fighter, this f.'s 117 fighter that had been stored at the Chinese embassy after being shot down by the Serbians. And so the narrative coming out of this that that ends or the conclusion only comes to after looking at these various sources, contemporary and modern, is that this was almost definitely a U.S. attack on purpose, not an accident designed to destroy this Serbian satellite transmission facility and punish the Chinese at the same time.

Then you look at the combination of these factors, right. Tianamen being dubious at best, the Belgrade embassy attack being intentional. And these seem, you know, like, okay. Wired, why is this relevant, these events from the 90s? But if you look at these not as isolated events, but as events on a timeline, they become highly significant. The late 90s were between the U.S. and China. Some of the most serious flashpoints in decades. I mean now in the past few years, we've had these high seas, you know, big deck competitions between the U.S. and Chinese naval forces. But but nothing like this. I mean, Chinese and Americans have not been killing each other since the 90s all like this.

One of the reasons for this, too, was an on stocks about this in his pieces that you had the fall of the Soviet Union, the end, the cessation of the a/b test and the end of the quote unquote, end of the Cold War.

And so the United States at that point was the only superpower on the planet. But if you look at a timeline of China over a thousand years or so, they were always on a trajectory to be larger and more dominating than the West. And this was only disrupted. If you look at it on a long enough time scale. This was disrupted momentarily from about the seventeen hundreds through the present day with the industrial revolution and the creativity of the West and so on and so forth.

But what has happened since then is you have China slowly on track, and if you look at enough graphs, you can see that China is on track to be a significant threat to the United States. I mean, on their own, as a as a growing behemoth, economic behemoth and everything else in there, it's not this nuanced, like monolithic thing like China bad and this and that. It's like, no, China was, as we discussed last weekend, was in the process of being financially wrangled and taken under control. And part of the overtaking of the United States is being done on purpose. Right. And so you had this starting to take shape. And bringing China under control is really what these flashpoints were all about. And so looking at them in the past and thinking, wow, China bad and these these things that benefit the United States were totally accidents. It's wow how fortuitous that this was that the Belgrade embassy was bombed. I mean, just. Wow. Well, for all of us right into our lap, it's it's all part of the same thing because, you know, if you go all the way, fast forward to what was going it was going on last summer, James, would would would going on vacation to Hong Kong have been top of your list for August twenty nineteen? Is that something that you would have enjoyed doing, taking just a walk around downtown Hong Kong and and taking in the sights and sounds like.

No, because the United States was in the middle of a massive gave up on China by whipping up these protesters, which is something that we've seen many times before. More and we've talked about it on the show where we were reading quotes from Pompeo, and you even had the United States government passing legislation, massively bipartisan legislation, siding with the protesters. Basically a resolution by the United States Congress taking the side of the protesters against the Chinese government. And it's just again, this just it never it never stops in. And, of course, you know, it did stop, though, as soon as coronavirus started these protests. And we said this, what, back in January? Didn't didn't we say like, it's kind of funny when you look at the timeline here that one thing stopped and another thing started. I'm sure it's just an accident. James, right. Totally a coincidence that these things happened this way.

Yeah, exactly. And then looking at these two both of these cases. Right. Again, you look back at it with the hindsight and Owens didn't didn't mention this, but I mean, look at what we know now about Sulaimani, what we know about how the U.S. is lying, about the gas killing, animal aside, name your name, your foreign operation. And the US has been caught lying. So what reason do you have to believe, knowing what you know now that the U.S. was telling the truth about? About the old maps leading to the bombing of the Belgrade embassy? Highly unlikely. And in both cases, the U.S. media ran cover for the government. This is part of why this did not blow up into a big scandal in the U.S., the killing of these Chinese diplomats. The media simply didn't want to touch it, even after the truth came out in foreign papers and it was left to to papers like The Guardian to do the research on this stuff. Unz has a quote here that I thought was very apt. He says, America's overwhelming control over global information may inspire considerable hubris, with the government sometimes promoting the most outrageous and ridiculous falsehoods in the convenient, confident belief that a supportive American media will cover for any mistakes.

And in the age before social media, this was absolutely right. Oh, yeah. This is why you see an evolution in their strategy and an embrace of censorship of alternative media in the age we're in now, because they need the. They need to suppress those that may cast doubt on things, you know, whether it's whether it's Assad and the gassings or or what was going on in Libya and the Arab Spring being Astroturf.

I went to Hong Kong to one of the reasons why boomers' other than tetraethyl lead paint chips in and statton drugs and everything else is that doomers also grew up in a society that had a few major newspapers, a few major local television and national television news stations and nothing else. And so they they were imbibed with the official narrative and that was the narrative. And so this notion that ninety nine point nine nine percent of Americans will believe any lie. I'm sure that that statistic is probably still true of boomers. Boomers ninety nine point nine nine percent of them will believe literally any lie that is being told now. Maybe there's some some that have like broken themselves of this, but they they have grown up maybe falling prey to this because they had literally no one else to point these things out. Look what they were able to achieve with the conspiracy leading conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination with nobody else to challenge those conspiracy theories, theories that were seated on purpose, to distract from the fact that Kennedy was shot by by Israeli agents. I mean, because Kennedy didn't want Israel to get nuclear weapons and nuclear power. So it's it's. Yeah, nuclear power and as a proxy for nuclear weapons. But it never ends. And today, this is their biggest problem in youth. I know others have talked about this, but behind the scenes, how how Jews have talked about we have to get back to a place where we only have a handful of media outlets.

We only have a few sanctioned and chosen voices saying the correct narrative and everybody else has to shut the fuck up because the linchpin of this whole thing is their ability to have complete control over every aspect of these narratives.

And anybody who in some of them are so preposterous, like UN says the most outrageous and ridiculous falsehoods that they have to put forward in order to keep the thing going. That's all predicated on nobody else saying like, yeah, the emperor doesn't actually have any clothes on.

So yeah. But right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And of course this is not to say that the US is always lying, right. Well I mean actually no. But to be fair, you know, this is not and always never, never, always situation. Both China and the US are capable of lying and we see it as a good example of that lie coming in the form of Donald. The oldest Magnus is big, beautiful pivot. China. The China virus. You're gonna get sick from the flu. And this this idea, this narrative that you mentioned. Earlier that Pierro mentioned earlier that the the Americans and everyone else was lied to, that China concealed this and didn't tell anybody in and sprung it on the world.

This is a very important component of this. This false narrative that they are feeding people the idea that that China was concealing this somehow. So Unz writes On January 23rd and after only 17 deaths, the Chinese government took the astonishing step of locking down in quarantine the entire 11 million inhabitants of the city of Wuhan, a story that drew worldwide attention. They soon extended the policy to 60 million Chinese in Hubei Province and shortly thereafter shut down the national economy, confined to total 700 million Chinese to their homes, a public health measure probably a thousand times larger than anything previously undertaken in human history. So either China's leadership has suddenly gone say insane or they regarded the new virus as a deadly national threat. Given these dramatic Chinese actions, it again in early January and the international headlines, they generated the accusations by the Trump Admin. officials that China had attempted to minimize or conceal the serious nature of the disease outbreak is so ludicrous as to defy rationality. Like we said, December 30, first, Chinese notify the World Health Organization. Chinese scientists on December 12th publish the entire genome of the virus, allowing diagnostic tests to begin being produced worldwide.

So the question isn't. When did China know we have a pretty good idea of when China knew, or at least they knew and they made it public earlier than the US chose to take action. The question is, when did the U.S. know about this and how early did. Were they aware? And according to some sources, the U.S. and some key international partners knew about this way before December. Thirty first they knew about it months before it even originated, the first lockdowns in China. There was a report from ABC News citing four separate government sources, saying that as far back as late November, a special medical intel unit within the Defense Intelligence Agency had produced a report revealing a then out of control pandemic occurring in 11 China. They distributed that report to the top ranks of the U.S. government and they sent this. You know, they they s.E.C. That image through Israeli intel as well. The Israeli television sources reported that in November, American intel had shared this report that confirmed this with NATO and Israel, which then independently confirmed. Of course, you know, U.S. was trying to deny this took place, but the Israeli. The Israelis came out and just said, yes, this was true. You guys let us know about this in November. So, yeah, you can hardly blame the Chinese for a lack of response when the U.S. had known about this for so much longer Candy. Yes.

And then like you mentioned, if they were the first. They've known about it so much longer. And they also, again, like I said before, they were the first people to experience this. So they had no idea what the fuck was going on. And another thing to I want to sort of put this to bed, because this is something that I think people get caught up in.

And it's in it's a form of of taking side taking in the kosher dialectic, which is something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And so, you know, you can make the argument relative to the United States that China did more to protect its people from this than the United States did. And that's an easy assertion to make, because the United States has just done such an abjectly poor job at protecting its people.

But getting caught up in the notion that the Chinese government did what was best for the Chinese people in totality is is another that's that's you're slipping down a slope that probably is going to be pretty falsifiable very quickly. What we will say, because it's true that relative to the United States. Yes, they were do they did a better job on the whole protecting their people. But the reality is, given what we know, especially from last week and deep dive about China and what they really care about is they're doing what's best for the Chinese government, which is good. I mean, if you have a nationalist country that believes in doing these things, but when you think about the fact that the Chinese construction bank has partnered with BlackRock to start doing financial deals and that the Chinese government has allowed Jewish financial organizations to come into the country and actually be stakeholders in partnerships with Chinese businesses, that's not what I would call the Chinese government doing what's best for the Chinese people. That is the China. China doing what's best for China, which is falling into a trap.

And so the fact that China's a little bit more competent at dealing with this, that's a good thing. It's a model that the United States for you should strive for. But what we should be doing is surpassing this. They serve as sort of the good model for dealing with this. And we we haven't been able to do that. And what we do instead is you take the country that arguably handled this the best and make them the whipping boy for this whole thing. It's just it's just a sight to behold by by the U.S. government.

Right. The U.S. government, the conservative media apparatus, bright part, of course, has been leading the charge on this, decrying at the time the fascistic lockdowns, you know, which is, of course, a piece nicely paired with with the one by that Jewish author who compares Xi Jinping to Adolf Hitler and how he's gassing and killing and racist and Aryan and whatever, but that they're trying to put out.

Can you imagine the reaction to similar type lockdowns in the United States to handle this by the kosher dialectic such as it exists today? I mean, the US has arguably done the worst job of shoring this situation up, whether it's making sure people are made whole financially or doing taking the steps to prevent any sort of spread while keeping the economy in somewhat of a status like Europe has. But could you imagine, because people were wanting the US to react to this in the way that China has. But could you imagine how that would have fueled the kosher dialectic with the with the protesters and the freedoms and liberties and that whole crowd? It's just like, wow. And Braveheart would've been right on top of it, like you said with the. Calling out the fascism of a government actually trying to do what it can, whether they're taking care of the national people or the government or whatever, they it's inarguable that China did as best as it could is given what we know to try to stamp this out because they knew it was bad from the beginning.

Yeah. Yeah. And so, you know, regardless, and we'll say this before we move into the. To what Owens is really bringing to the table here, aside from the history, which is which is excellent, but also his theory in the case he's building about the origin of the virus. Again, it bears repeating that regardless of the origin of the virus, the U.S. knew about this at least in late December, if not early January, and has could have done a better job. And this is why part of the reason part one of many reasons for the Chinese bioweapon pivot is to put the blood and cough particles of all of the dead Americans and all of the dead Europeans into Chinese hands. And and, you know, the Chinese may have eaten the pooch, but the American screwed it here. So and this is why you have then senior Trump admin officials pointing to one institute of virology, kind of like winking and nudging and suggesting that that this is a possible source. You have the lawsuits, which we've talked about. So, yeah, all of that is building to this point that Owens goes to make where Enza you know, he's a fellow traveler with us and he does what we do dress, which is always look at the Chuey Bono. Look at that Shuey Bono and see who's benefiting from the you know, from what's happening here and goes on to make the case that the US had the means, the motive and the opportunity to release the virus for the purpose of destabilising China, fomenting anti-China anger in the West to be channeled into a variety of neo conservative projects, economic sanctions that Pierro was mentioning, saber rattling as we're seeing from some in the old light. And and this is actually a pretty compelling and holistic case that Owens goes on to to lay out, starting with the opportunity right where this was.

This was the epicenter here on one of the worst possible locations. It's a major transport hub in central China. It's the worst timing. China was celebrating the Chinese New Year. It's the worst possible 10 to 30 day window. And interesting fact about one jazz it search firm nine hours away from Shanghai. So, yeah, well insulated from from the epicenter of Jewish financial power in China. Well, to talk about motive, China's recent economic expansion taking the lead in critical technologies. This is what OWN's is laying out in his piece. And he mentions the Belt and Road Initiative that threatens to circumvent the U.S. totally bypassing, by the way, U.S. naval power, bringing China closer to European markets. A new African production facilities. And it's it's also an evolution. And in fitting China into this role, like you mentioned, that the Soviet Union once had as this scapegoat, because the U.S. is used to being the world's technological, economic and military hedgeman undisputed. So since the fall of the Soviet Union and no other power has threatened that. Until recently, China. And yeah, he talks about this growing warmth that Trump administration officials were feeling towards this anti-China rhetoric. And he relates it to the trade war, which, of course, as we know, was done to to hurt the Chinese, but did not have the impact at all on American farmers and regular American farmers that it was, in theory, supposed to write. He was supposed to help the American farmers. And the end result is more farm closures, more bankruptcies, more more small private farmers selling out Chinese really were the perfect target that was supposed to help.

I mean, the Chinese the trade war with China was sold to us in 2016 as helping all working class Americans. I mean, dog whistling on white working class Americans. Saving American manufacturing was supposed to be far more in scope than just farmers. And when farmers were hurt in the immediacy of this game, they weren't taken care of. And on the back side, you know, because they were CEO, you got to suffer a little bit of pain. But, you know, it's it's worth it in the long run. Right. Just like. Hold on tight. We'll we'll take care of you on the back end once all this sorts out. But there is no back end. There is no long run. It's in the long run. You're going to be destroyed and chewed up by this very kosher woodchipper. And in the meantime, you're supposed to subscribe to these fake and gay dichotomies that are going to keep you busy while the fucking goes on in the background. And that's exactly what this is all about. This is about bringing China fully under their control without having to fight a war. There's gonna be no war. That's the funny thing about, you know, why gnat's and so on and so forth, calling for actual like military action on China. It's not going to happen. It's all glass China. It's it's all it's all gonna be done in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with numbers and financial leverage. Those are the weapons of war today.

Right. Yeah. The U.S. couldn't even where it most likely couldn't even win a conventional war against against the U.S., against China. And it wouldn't be. Popular. That's the other thing. That's the other the other consideration. They have to take into account now is the U.S. is so much more war fatigued than we were just 20 years ago.

Yeah. Part of the reason why the war fatigue has taken shape and we've talked about this before is it's it's sort of a it's the ironic thing about bringing consumerism to the world and making everybody comfortable and having all of their needs met and not having to do anything the hard way anymore. People are more sedentary. They get what they need delivered to them, perhaps even by a drone in the next decade or so. And so the notion of actually like getting into a trench filled up with blood and firing bullets at people is not really something that they're interested in doing anymore. It's it's harder for them. It's almost like they move too quickly with consumerism and finance capital while they still had messes to clean up around the world that required physical violence. And so they can't do war with Iran. They can't do war with China. So they have to get a lot more creative about it. This is not always what the war between the jig nets, you know, like the Bush the Bush era was always about and why there is some credence to the notion of the media opposing the war in Iraq, because they while they would not in the long run have supported while they would have not been unsupportive of such a war, they didn't want that wasn't it was like that day that's over like the 90s are over.

We're done with all this. Like we're doing things in a different way. And they were opposing the jig nat sort of methodology for for pursuing this sort of global head Germany. And now we're seeing the end result of this because Trump has teased war with Iran a few times. He's used certain rhetoric with Chinese use, this rhetoric with Syria. But in people were early were, I guess, wanting to celebrate. Well, there's no boots on the ground there. It's equal. Like I just said, there doesn't need to be. They're pursuing a different strategy because not possible for them to do it with a conventional war anymore. So instead, you get assassinations, you get gay getups, you get things that are deemed an accident when in reality that's not what they are at all. Those are actually conflicts. Those are part of the theater of a different type of war, a war that isn't easily recognizable by the folks sitting at home in the television viewing audience.

Right. And instead, you get instead of the you know, the watching, though, invasion happen live on Fox News, instead, you get the you get the U.S. is to chief recent enemies geopolitically, Iran and China being the centers of these outbreaks. No Varya. Wow. That really makes you think. And so bio war has the advantage, right, over conventional war of of plausible deniability, which would mean less risk of direct Chinese retaliation. And it gives the U.S. rationale for four. Take your pick. Sweeping action against China. Sanction tariffs. Embargoes, wealth transfer name. Yeah. Name your price. It gives the U.S. license to do that. And you know, it used to kind of stop and pause here. And I found myself doing this while reading this article and and ask yourself again. We know the U.S. has done. We know the U.S. is is generally a bad actor on the international stage. But would they really do this? Would they really do a bio war against another country? Then you run through the list, assassinating Suleimani, killing U.S. civilians without a trial. Toppling Libya, attempting to topple the rest of the Arab world through Arab Spring protests. Leading these protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese government and knowing how little regard this system has for Americans. I mean, America. In theory, the people who should have the most regard for let alone foreign people.

You look at the vitriol with which the neo conservatives and people in the foreign policy establishment talk about Iranians dying and gleeful. They are really not that much of a stretch. Is it, too, to think that they would do this to a people they wanted to topple and bring down and bring under their control or destroy?

Yeah, it's it's it's it's like totally an accident, bro.

But like, why why does it seem like the chips always fall in the favor of one group of people and to the detriment of all of their stated enemies and declared enemies for decades? It's amazing how all this seems to work out. And, you know, like you said, I mean, they don't care about American life. I mean, that that solves the problem of like, well, certainly they wouldn't this blowback that has resulted in the United States, it's like, look how incompetent the government is and look at how we've talked about the tradeoffs that were going on in the background, where there is a very large number of human casualties in the United States that they would be perfectly fine with. You know, working class Americans are just sort of a footnote in American history, if that. And.

Totally expendable, totally interchangeable and actually much better if they didn't exist at all, because they're sort of in the way people that can demand things when things inevitably have to be taken away from them in the name of consumerism and expanding markets and quote unquote, progress, global progress.

Yeah. No, they're totally expect expendable and actually. Yeah. Like you said, an obstacle. And these are people that have been causing problems for them. The American white working class. And how convenient would it be if these are the people who also during a pandemic are demanding to go back to work because. Well, it's either that or not feeding their family. Right. So UNSG, I think distills this pretty well here where he says, quote, I saw no solid evidence that the Corona virus was a bio weapon. But if it were, China was surely the innocent victim of the attack, presumably carried out by the elements of the American national security establishment. And then he goes on to to bring some more background information here that that, again, these are all things that you live through, you experience. You think about and then you don't think about them again. It's funny to see these brought back up and you realize maybe there is a connection here to all these different disparate events. For example, China suffering massively from recent flu outbreaks as recently as twenty eighteen when they discovered a new avian flu virus sweeping the country, which effectively debilitated large portions of China's poultry industry. The twenty nineteen swine flu viral epidemic that devastated China's pig farms, destroying a I had no idea about this, destroying 40 percent of the nation's primary domestic source of meat. And there were multiple accounts. And these are documented accounts. These are in India, the like South China post. Right. These are not like fringe.

You know, get the truth out. Dot X, Y, Z, dot conspiracy, dot com about these these farmers detailing drones flying onto their farms and dropping packages of infected meat. The intent of infecting the pigs and you know, the pigs are going to eat whatever is is dropped out there for them. So, yeah. You know, that's sort of interesting. Sort of spooky. Right. And then the writer also notes that shortly before the Corona virus outbreak in mewhen Louisiana Woods was hosting had opened up, opened itself up to 300 visiting American military officers who came to participate in the twenty nineteen military world games. Which one's rights is a absolutely remarkable coincidence of timing. And then we have that. And then and then we have reporting from Whitney Webb, who of course, did great work detailing the connections. Always spy spiting. Right. Yes, she did. Yeah, she's written about Dafa, this U.S. government program. It spent 10 million dollars on one project in 2018 to, quote, unravel the complex causes of bat borne viruses that have recently made the jump to humans, causing concern among global health officials. Another project backed by both DARPA and the Net National Institute of Health saw researchers at Colorado State University examined the Corona virus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in bats and camels to, quote, understand the role of these hosts in transmitting disease to humans. And yes, you start laying the stuff out. And now the idea, the prospect of a U.S. bioweapon becomes more and more likely, I think.

Yeah, it's it's this is something that we thought originally as well. I mean, I'm but it was just a guess. I mean, this was sort of like, you know, it could be this, but we really don't know. And and we talked about this when this first happened. It's like this this bio weapon from from the Chinese government would actually makes far more sense is especially if this lab is, you know, funded. It gets a lot of funding from the U.S. government, has a lot of U.S. scientists in it would actually make a lot more sense to if this were not maybe an accident, because people were trying to say that it was an accident that seemed plausible without any other available information. But when you start to think about the Chuey, Bono means motive and opportunity, it actually makes a lot more sense that maybe this was dumped in China. It's a perfect place to do it and cause a lot of havoc. And the US has a history is, as UNSW's pointed out, of doing these things to try to trip up the Chinese. And actually I think it happened under the Trump administration where Chinese I forget by what metric they measure this sort of thing, but it China surpassed the size of the United States economy and certainly they have to be well on their way there. Now with with what's what's about to happen and happening in real time in the U.S. as their economies return back to normal, haven't they? They've been barely affected by this at all.

Yeah, well, they were for a few months, right, and they were bearing with their dealing with this for a pretty significant ways for a few months. But, you know, we've been following the numbers coming out of Chinese ports and the numbers from and not from the Chinese government, by the way, but from the shipping agencies. And what we're seeing is about a ninety three to ninety seven percent return to demand for four ships.

Calls to these ports, and that is even with the U.S. consumer economy and European consumer economy slowed down. So, yeah, I mean, the numbers that we're seeing out of China seem to indicate a rebound and a recovery. Now, you mention the people, the U.S. assets, American good old American boys working in these Chinese labs. Well, that brings us back to none other than Chuck Liebler.

Actually, Jack. You actually named actually Chuck. Yeah, this guy.

He's a Harvard professor. Chairman of the chemistry department. And he was arrested back in January for making false statements to the Justice Department. This was put out there on a Justice Department. You know, government official press release. Right. Talking about this guy and his history as a virologist and how he was arrested. He lie jazz. This guy's lying. Had consequences. He was arrested for lying, in fact. Apparently, he lied on a financial disclosure about how much money he was getting from the Chinese government. And this is what resulted in a sunrise FBI raid kicking down his door and dragging him off in shackles. But this guy had been a strategic scientist at the Union University of Technology. In addition to working at Harvard, he was a participant in China's Thousand Talents plan. This was sort of the reverse brain drain program that had been banned. Been using to bring in. It's it's basically like the Chinese Operation Paperclip or very similar to it. Right. Where they pay these guys a ton of money. Fifty thousand dollars a month. Give him one hundred fifty eight thousand dollars annual living expenses and another one and a half million dollars to setup a lab in which he would research viruses and virology. And most of his work had been in virology. And he had actually pioneered some of this new tech to detect new diseases. And then, of course, in January, right after China announces these lockdowns, this guy's living in the U.S. at the time and he is arrested for this obscure financial crime. Right. As this starts hitting the U.S., it's it's very interesting.

It's amazing to when when this happens to a Jew, whenever you see a Jew actually getting arrested and, you know, being subjected to dangerous precedents, it's it's usually because they are getting in the way of the bigger picture machinations of the strategy.

And that sounds like this guy was I mean, at first, because it didn't seem to fit that. Yeah, this guy is getting arrested because he leaked the virus or something. It's like no, actually, in what Unz says is he thinks it's more likely that Leber was starting to wonder whether, you know, he spent a lot of time in China is getting paid by China, so on and so forth.

Maybe he was a little bit too free in voicing his suspicions about what may have been going on at that point. And they decided to vet this guy. This guy was literally that. And I don't know, maybe you'll see a trial at some point, but I suspect you're not going to hear much about Mr. Leber at any point in the future. And, you know, why would you. This is this is part of an OP that has gone sideways. I think I don't think this has gone the way that they had planned.

No, no, I don't think so either. And then, well, part of the plan, though, would have been if if you know this theory, which seems to make sense, would if this were a bioweapon, U.S. bioweapon, actually first if it were a Chinese bioweapon, why would the second outbreak be in a country that China has been strengthening their ties with as of late and forging new economic partnerships? That is, of course, Iran.

Well, the right the second of the boomer response to this, though, at the time was C look at it's blowing up all over Iran because it just showed it just goes to show you how close the Chinese and the Iranians really are with each other closer than we ever possibly could have imagined.

It's like, no, you know, it's closer than we ever possibly could have imagined is the fact that China and Iran are both number one and number two, depending on what day it is. The order of those do things on the top list of US neoconservatives for total annihilation. And it's it's been it's only been cranked up to eleven since Trump took office with especially with Iran and China. It's amazing how both of those things become became front and center.

Yeah, and again, you have to. You have to go back. Search in your mind and dig Suleimani in that assassination out of the like the mental, you know, filed away as something that happened in history. But they killed him on January 2nd. And just weeks later, two weeks later, you have 10 percent of the Iranian parliament infected, dozens of officials and politicians dying. You have conservatives celebrating on on Twitter. These people are getting hit hard by this.

I don't know, man, when you have the U.S. military openly assassinating Iranian officials. And weeks later, they become the second hot spot for this international outbreak. Again, this is not to say that a swoopy right. It's. Look, how do you explain this? How else can this be explained? I don't think there's another way to explain it other than other than what Enzi's is forging here. He explains why a virus like Cauvin would be so effective. For what? For what the U.S. goal would be here. That high lethality of a very deadly virus is actually counterproductive. If the intent is to destabilize an economy, you want a lot of people getting infected. But. But low morbidity. Right. And because more hospitalizations and more people being hospitalized for longer leads to a huge resource.

Yeah, it's easier to overall. I saw people reacting to this a couple of months ago and saying like, well, clearly, it's not intended to be anything bad because it isn't killing a million people a day. It's like, well, actually, that's not what you would want to do. You're sure if you if you want to do CGI, like total destruction of everything in one minute. Yeah, sure. But what they've actually done instead. I mean, and that's the thing is like it's it's it's blown back on on the U.S. economy now. The unanswered question and and a lot of this is still unanswered. It's like I don't really know what what happened. We don't really know if the U.S. did this or not. What we do know is the US has a history of doing things like this and there are too many things that benefit the US and are to the detriment of everybody else. But it's also the incompetence of this whole thing has gone in such a direction where it's like, why? Why is this happening so badly in the United States? What we don't know is, well, are they. Was this reset, this economic reset planned? It was this sort of collateral damage that they're willing to take on and make the best of. We don't really know. We do know that small businesses and the economy is gonna be reset in such a way that it's gonna be detrimental.

But there are there is a lot of there is a lot of collateral damage, probably a lot higher than what they thought. And they probably thought the incompetence of the United States government. They thought that maybe this was something that they could get control of or that they could stop from happening or there. Okay. Like I said, with the the number of deaths and this is something that they're more than happy to take on. And the incompetence is merely, as we pointed out in the first half, is merely just an act. It's it's to be the punching bag for the kosher dialectic to make fun of, to mock and to be distracted by.

Yeah. And I don't think I think we have to be okay with with accepting that we're not going to know everything about this until for several years. Right. And we won't be able to understand the full picture and to perform an accurate risk reward calculation. Right, because right now it seems like there is a lot of risk and there is a lot of loss being taken by these people. Right. Stocks being wiped. Dow Jones being wiped out 30 percent over the period of a week and a half.

Entertainment's restaurants, all these like Publix. So, you know, industries that depend on, you know, high density social gatherings and things like that, while other sectors of the economy are doing really well and consolidating and destroying and eating alive small businesses. Yeah, it seems like, you know, going back to the argument about war, it's like, sure, they could go to war with China, maybe lose and maybe not even achieve their goals. But it seems like there's they're taking on a lot of collateral damage to achieve something that they could have achieved by just staying the course in keeping the status quo in place like they had no prop like. That's one of the arguments I hear. I hear from people. It's like they're gonna use this to destroy all the small businesses in America. It's like, yeah, that's true. But they didn't need a virus to do that. They were already doing that before, albeit at a much slower pace. The only argument that you could make is they needed to do this to do it more quickly, which is true. But the idea that before nothing was happening and now this came and now now they're destroying everything, that's it. No guy like they were doing that before.

And actually in the before days and the before times, James and Tucker was covering these things in a different way. Remember who? Remember the Peter Singer, Peter Singer, Paul Singer, Chuck Singer exposé on what was it, cabelas or Dibella? Yeah.

Cabal's. Yeah. It's like this is already happening. It just a slower pace. But this is a this is a feeding frenzy for vulture capitalism. And but you'd think that they would not like if it were up to them, that they wouldn't have said, all right, well you can take over a lot of this American industry 400 times more quickly, but you have to sacrifice half of your economic sector to do that. That doesn't make a lot of sense. That's not something. It's like, yeah, let's just piss away the entire entertainment industry. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants have a bunch of pissed off people without work. And yeah, it's like if if the shutdown was good for them, then they would be advocating for more shutdown. And what you have instead is, is something totally different. And so all of that is the distraction to what may have been an attempt at at gay upping China that has blown up in their face. I mean. That's right. Yeah, that that's the right.

That's exactly what I was going to say. Is that is that you can't assume that every project these people undertake goes off perfectly and you can't assume that their their strategies and their operations happen infallibly. They make mistakes. They don't account for everything. They are not as smart as as the movies in Hollywood would like you to believe. These all and, you know, omnipotent, omniscient Intel officers, they make mistakes, too. And it's very possible that the intent here was to release a virus in China that would debilitate China for much longer than it actually did, and that would kill many, many more people and and cause more serious, longer lasting ramifications to the Chinese economy that they did not anticipate the speed with which the Chinese government acted and the severity of the lockdowns imposed. They didn't expect them to do that. And lo and behold, those measures to a large degree worked. Now, what happened as well? Where was there in their calculus? They would then expect, sure, this will come to America, but the losses in the U.S. won't be as bad. We have, quote, a good health care system, so on and so forth. They one overestimated the destructive effect on China and too underestimated the destructive effect on the U.S. And I think they also mis mis predicted or her overestimated the demand that Americans would have to go back to work. I don't think they they envisioned 86 percent of Americans saying, yeah, you know what, I'm good. I want to stay home. Just give me money.

Right. Because, you know, this is not something that is that is good for them. Obviously, this instinct being being being fed and rearing its head again. So, yeah, I think there's a there's a possibility, a strong possibility that the intent of what they were doing with this has not matched up with the result.

The tail is going to be in what news we get six months, a year, 18 months from now, from BlackRock in China, from these other major U.S. investments that are that are moving to China and how the economic liberalisation of China is impacted or not impacted at all by this development, because if there is a payoff for them here, it didn't necessarily involves that. Anomic liberalisation and the opening up of Chinese markets and the opening up of Chinese society to the power of international finance. So that is going to be, I think, what what reveals more and sheds more light on what the true origins of the virus are.

I mean, sure, I would leave open the possibility that it's purely by accident, that it was people swimming in batshit or whatever the hell, you know, as one potential outcome or that it was that it was something that was being studied that accidentally because of bad practices leaked out of leaked out of this lab. I mean, the lab seems to be central to to whatever outcome there may be, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the only possible place that it came from, who really we don't we don't really know. But to entertain the idea that this is purely by accident and that it was purely accidental, that then the largest number of official government officials killed in this happened to be in Iran is the idea that there was a temporary cessation in U.S. gay ops against China and that this is this one huge event in 2020. It was just a total accident.

I just I find that more difficult to into than than the idea that maybe that there was some gay op that went wrong. We don't really know what it is, but we see smoke from the China must pay rhetoric. And that's undeniable. And the reaction to that and what people are pushing for from all the usual corners of the political strata, it's sort of yeah, it's like, yeah, tell me. I need I'm going to need to see evidence that this was just a big weps.

And and if it's if the evidence is coming from some some, you know, some congressional hearing, like just missed me with that shit.

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