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This Courageous Congresswoman Wants Putin out of Korea Pronto

She won't stand for Trump cozying up to the man who 'continues to advance in ehm...what is it? Korea!'

Maxine Waters means business. Trump has been in office for two and a half weeks now but the courageous congresswoman says he will just have to be impeached.

The reason? He has been "wrapping his arms around" (aka had one phone call with) the Russian president Putin even though the latter has invaded Korea! That is dangerous and does not serve American interests!

Waters is right too, I mean is this why MacArthur's boys fought and died over there? So Russians can just waltz in and take it 60 years later!?

US lost 50,000 soldiers dead, missing and captured there, and killed 2 million Koreans in terror bombing of northern cities. That should count for a lot more!

Truly they should have just let MacArthur lob A-bombs around like he wanted to! Then none of this would be happening right now!


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