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COVID Has Proven That Nationalists Are Right About Everything (Jared Taylor Video + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Confirmation bias is a sweet drug, and COVID-19 is the gift that keeps on giving.

Open Borders? Bad idea. Closing borders? Apparently easy.

Relying on foreigners for all your goods instead of producing them yourself? Never imagined that could go wrong.

Strong governments are way better at crisis management than indecisive Liberal Democracies? Who'd have guessed?

Famous dissident thinker Jared Taylor lays it out in his typical smooth, dignified style. His YouTube channel is full of great content like this, and you should check it out.

Transcript follows below.

(Backup audio in case YouTube deletes the original video.)

About Jared Taylor:

Jared Taylor is a hero to many for his extraordinary success in bringing race realism to a very broad audience. For decades he was relatively unknown, admired in small circles, but with the advent of the internet his audience reached millions. He is full of important information which every American and European should know.

His foundation, American Renaissance, runs an excellent news site which puts out about 10 headlines per day on current events. They have a very good ‘about’ page which explains their positions very clearly. In addition they have a weekly podcast and a YouTube channel with shorter videos. They also run an excellent and well-attended annual conference in late Spring, (usually near Nashville, Tennessee), where intelligent people gather to discuss important issues of the day.

Listen to this man, he is your friend!

Amren is a 501c3 US nonprofit and is supported entirely by donations. Please chip in!


[00:00:04] Hello, I'm Jared Taylor with American Renaissance. These videos aren't being promoted in the normal way and so I'd appreciate it if you'd send a link to as many people as you think can stand it.

[00:00:17] Everything teaches Identitarian lessons, including the Corona virus, and lesson number one is that much as the globalists have been fighting to abolish them, national borders matter. In a crisis, it's not just America first. It's every nation first. The Europeans who had gone the farthest in abolishing borders have brought them back with a roar. More than a week ago, the entire European Union closed its borders to all non-essential travel. And believe me, if you're an illegal immigrant, you're non-essential. What's even more remarkable? Twenty one of the 26 countries of the Shengen zone within Europe, those are the countries in blue where travel is supposed to be completely free, have closed their own national border. You want to go from Germany to France? Too bad.

[00:01:08] Back in 2015 when all of those Africans and Middle Easterners were piling into Europe, EU leaders, especially Angela Merkel, said it was impossible to keep people out and that it was unthinkable to start manning Europe's internal borders. Well, practically overnight the borders are back. As nationalists have been saying all along, all it takes is a little political will.

[00:01:34] Which means, by the way, that every European country is now breaking the 1951 Convention on Refugees. It says you have to let in anyone who claims to be a refugee. You can't turf him out until you've looked into his claim and found it to be bogus. Now, every one of those sanctimonious, preachy, full-of-themselves Europeans is violating a solemn treaty obligation. And where are all those lefty journalists who always take the side of the refugees? Suddenly they don't seem to care about treaty obligations either.

[00:02:10] The US is doing the same thing, by the way. If you hop the southern border today, you're going right back. When things calm down, and the lefties start saying migration is a force of nature that can't be stopped, we'll remind them. Some of those dopey people are looking pretty silly about now. When the virus first got attention, the mayor of Florence, Italy, Dario Nardella, was worried that people might be mean to Chinese people. So he told Italians to hug a Chinese. And sure enough, here's a Chinese guy in Italy with a sign asking for hugs and getting one. Isn't this just the kind of goofy thing white people love to do? Meanwhile, in China, they wouldn't even let you into the neighborhood if you didn't belong. Roadblocks sprang up all over the city of Wuhan.

[00:03:06] Now, of course, Italy leads the world in virus and deaths, over eight thousand at last count and rising by 750 a day. Professor Giorgio Palu, former president of the European Society of Virology, says that early on there was a proposal to isolate people coming from China, but they didn't do that because people would have said that was racist. Professor Palu believes that a large part of the devastation was caused by that fear of being called racist. But let's get back to nationalism.

[00:03:41] Americans are discovering what a global supply chain really means. We buy 90 percent of our antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen, hydrocortisone from China. So far, China hasn't blocked exports, but we buy a huge number of surgical masks and gowns from China, too. And the Chinese did cut those off. They wanted all that stuff in themselves. And China is not alone. South Korea, Germany, India, Taiwan also banned the export of masks and protective gear. We have by American laws that would require that the feds buy only US made gear and that would keep domestic factories operating. Well, too late for that now.

[00:04:27] It's interesting to see how different countries have fought the virus after some initial bumbling in China, the East Asians seem to have done the best. China completely locked down Wuhan and sharply limited movement in much of the country on January 23rd when the country had only 500 cases and 17 deaths. You couldn't get on the subway or go into an office building without a mask and having your temperature taken. Anybody who tested positive was immediately isolated. None of this voluntary social distancing, and even sick children were separated from their families. The Chinese tried to track down everyone that an infected person might have spent time with. At the height of the crisis, in Wuhan there were 18000 people tracing contact. We can't even trace contacts for syphilis or tuberculosis. In the city of Ningbo, five hundred miles away from Wuhan, the authorities offered a bounty of $1400 for every virus carrier that you turned in.

[00:05:33] The Koreans were very serious about testing and contact tracing. They quickly set up drive through testing. And by March 9th, they had tested 210,000 people. We had tested only nine thousand. Once the Koreans knew who was sick, they isolated them and the people that they'd spent time with. And what's the result? China, if you can believe their figures, is over the hump. Here is a graph of their daily new cases of Corona virus. Here are the figures for Korea. They haven't wiped out the virus, but the worst may be over. Italy's daily cases are still high, but seem to be leveling off. And the US. Now we have more cases that any country in the world and the number of daily new cases is climbing.

[00:06:23] We've had 1300 deaths so far. How many more yet to go? We're also doing some unusual things. We're letting convicts out of jail for fear that the little dears might get infected in the pen. Los Angeles has turned loose 600 jailbirds and has stopped collaring people for low level crimes. Arrests dropped from 300 to just 60 per day. Chicago, San Antonio and Cleveland have all either let criminals go or will soon. In New York City, where 200 cops are already out sick with the virus, the police are cutting way back on arrests. And Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's going to turn loose vulnerable inmates.

[00:07:10] So if you were jolted by the sight of fistfights over toilet paper, you ain't seen nothing. No wonder gun stores are running out of product. And look at this page from a big online ammunition dealer. Every single brand of 9mm ammo was out of stock. And then there's the bailout. The Senate just rolled out a $2.2 trillion pork barrel. There are all sorts of completely irrelevant things in its 883. Thirty billion dollars for the Department of Education to help schools and universities. Seventy five million dollars for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Why? Three-hundred-fifty million to help settle migrants and refugees? I thought we'd stop doing that. And not one extra dollar for ICE.

[00:08:05] And the bailout would require every company that got money to practice diversity to within an inch of its life. We already have a deficit of 23.6 trillion dollars. That's eighty thousand dollars for every man, woman, child and illegal immigrant in the country. Just spin those presses. This mountain of fat that the Senate just voted on will add another seven thousand dollars to your personal bill. And even if some of the money may be justified, say, to help people who've been laid off. What are the chances of all that cash being ladled out in a way that is even remotely approaching being fair? Zero. So there's a lot to ponder here. But in the meantime, I will leave you with my most serious thoughts on this major crisis.

[00:09:04] The virus is keeping us homebound from the toniest spread to the dog pound. If you're stuck with your spouse and you can't leave your house, which of you two will be found drowned? Thanks for watching. Please subscribe to this YouTube channel. Also, you might take a look at our podcast channel that's at Amren podcasts at YouTube. Also, if you would, please visit our Web site. That's at

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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