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Cool Video of Russia's Newest Cutting Edge Submarine, the Supe-Quiet, Nuke Carrying 'Prince Vladimir'

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Incidentally, these subs carrying the new generation of hypersonic missiles, make the entire US navy's aircraft carrier fleet obsolete. In a major conflict, they could be sunk within minutes. The US, currently, has no defense against these weapons.


St. Andrew's flag was hoisted on the Day of Russia on the strategic nuclear-powered submarine cruiser Prince Vladimir.

Today, he entered the combat structure of the Navy of Russia.

With 16 Bulava intercontinental missiles in the arsenal, the submarine will strengthen the nuclear shield of our country.

And in the future, the Borey-A project cruisers will become the basis of naval nuclear forces.

Alexander Hristienko reports.

The first crew of the newest nuclear submarine, Prince Vladimir, was solemnly lined up on the deck on which the red carpet is spread.

The most exciting and solemn moment.

The commander raises the St. Andrew flag - the nuclear submarine missile cruiser K549 is included in the Russian Navy.

Russia has always been a great maritime power. Only a few countries can afford to have a fleet and submarines.

And no country in the world has such a submarine.

Unique in speed, maneuverability, stealth and military power, the submarine cruiser will now further strengthen Russia's nuclear shield.

Onboard are 16 Bulava ballistic missiles.

At the end of the year, Prince Vladimir made a successful test launch of such a missile from an underwater position in the White Sea.

All the experience of world underwater shipbuilding was taken into account.

This is a unique ship with completely new technologies that will allow our fleet to be ahead of the rest.

Most of the characteristics of the submarine are strictly classified.

"Prince Vladimir" is the lead submarine of the new advanced project "Borey-A".

The submarine began to be built on Sevmash 8 years ago.

The laying ceremony was then attended by Vladimir Putin.

The submarine became the fourth in the so-called "princely series".

According to tradition, such atomic submarine missile carriers are given the names of the rulers of Russia.

Currently, they are “Vladimir Monomakh”, “Yuri Dolgoruky”, “Alexander Nevsky”.

Now "Prince Vladimir" will guard the country's security.

This is a 4+ generation ship.

According to its technical possibilities and thelevel of automatisation, this is the most formidable weapon that the Navy has acquired over the past few years.

In the near future, the crew will begin to serve.

The ship became like a family to us.

The crew, myself, and submarine feel like one family.

Currently, four more submarines of this class are under construction, and in the next three years, the Russian Navy will receive more than 60 modern warships and submarines.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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