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Cool Video of Russia's Bewildering Variety of Ethnicities - Exhibit on Red Square

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Contrary to the stereotype popular in the mainstream media, Russia is a multi-ethnic state, and has been so for centuries. Moscovy began as a core of East Slavs in the forests of north-eastern Europe, but as the state expanded, it came to encompass peoples of many ethnicities across many georgraphic zones. 

But while Russia was multi-ethnic and accepted foreign influences, with few interruptions, Russian language and culture, along with Orthodoxy, have dominated Russian life.

With that said, many minorities have preserved much of their traditions and folk-culture.


Cossack, Bashkir, and Chukchi houses can be seen at the walls of the Moscow Kremlin today. The IV Festival of the Russian Geographical Society was opened in Moscow's Zaryadye Park. This time, it's dedicated to traveling to different parts of Russia.

Olga Meshcheryakova has the details of how to discover Russia again.

This is how they put a pot into a stove in Kuban. He is a true Cossack from an old family. Charming Nastya is a performer. Hospitable Kuban is ready to receive everyone today. They'll tirelessly sing until the evening, glorifying their land.

The defense minister shows his outstanding abilities for music. Playing the jew's-harp requires special skill.

The president of the Russian Geographical Society congratulated the photographers, who won the Most Beautiful Country Photo Contest. In their expeditions around Russia, they managed to see this scenery under a starry sky and these fighting bears. The participants of the RGO's expedition also saw an unexpected picture.

Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defense: “We discovered an American ship near the shores of the Kuriles, which fought there. I hope that our American colleagues and we will be able to organize this expedition. I'm now talking about geography, not my main, principal duties. I congratulate you on the opening. Hail the Russian Geographical Society.”

The speaker of the Federation Council doesn't hide her delight.

“This is a palace, not a yurt.”

This is about a hospitable guest house where the youngest visitors came after high-profile visitors.

- What is it?

- A harmonica.

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is nearby in Zaryadye Park. This is a real Chukchi yaranga. Reindeer herders live here like in the tundra. This is small and cozy. There's a fireplace in the middle. The family gathers here. There are skins on the walls. They sleep here. Guests sleep at the entrance. This is a security matter.

One can easily travel through time and space here. One can also get ice cream from Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

- Read what's written here.

- Zhirinovsky Vladimir Vol…

- Volfovich.

- Good boy.

There can't be a better place to show Russia and its tourist diversity.

Valentina Matviyenko, Chairwoman of the Federation Council: “You gave us this unearthly beauty. We saw our country, which is the most beautiful indeed, its distant corners. Many of the photos were taken in nature reserves, hard-to-reach places where it's hard to get to for even the most ardent travelers.”

This is the country where there are endless fields, spaces full of light, and thousands of unexplored routes. Therefore, the festival's motto is "Discover Russia again."

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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