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Cool Video of Putin Speaking to Military Elite in Oppulent Kremlin Palace

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

President Putin attended a ceremony in the Kremlin, where he addressed 40 high-ranking officers of the police and security services. He made comments about the state of Russia's weapons development and its efforts to combat internal terrorism.

As this footage from Vesti shows, the Russian government certainly has an eye for aesthetics.


In other news, the technical re-equipment of the armed forces raises the requirements of training the personnel and the quality of military training. That's what Vladimir Putin declared today at the ceremony of introducing of high-ranking officers and prosecutors on the occasion of their appointment to superior positions. The president emphasized: now, the army must combine its ancient military traditions with cutting edge knowledge.

Denis Davydov is reporting.

Today in the Kremlin, they gathered into one line rank the Investigation Committee, and the Foreign Intelligence Service, the National Guard of Russia and the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Such different agencies, with different functions, of those the most important and common among, them is serving the homeland.

All of the guests have the rank of general, awarded by the presidential order, and Vladimir Putin, as the commander-in-chief, personally greets each of them.

“Major-General of the Police, Kazakova Valentina Lyvovna.”

He walked along the rank against the background of the oldest military march, that of the Preobrazhensky Regiment. Loyal to the traditions of Russian military service, today's army is receiving cutting-edge weaponry that has no other equals in the world. Among the equipment already serving in a combat capacity, are the Kinzhal hypersonic system and the Peresvet laser system. The Sarmat intercontinental heavy missile is entering the final stage of testing. The Strategic Missile Troops will soon receive Avangard systems.

Vladimir Putin: “Such modern, highly-accurate, and powerful weaponry defines the image of the Russian Armed Forces and will continue to define it in the future. That's why the requirements of training military personnel, as well as the quality and intensity of combat drilling, are becoming even higher. We need a real blend of the military traditions of the Russian Army with cutting-edge advanced knowledge and technology, combined with the ability to use them effectively.”

Those listening to the president's address have enough combat experience under their belt. In Syria, officers of the Ministry of Defense fight against terrorists, helping the government's forces in their operation.

Ivan Buvaltsev, Military Training Office: "It didn't just prevented the infiltration of international terrorism onto our territory, but also demonstrated the upgraded capabilities of the armed forces, became a good testing ground for exemplary weaponry..."

There are around 40 officers in the hall. But we couldn't film some of them as their service is secret. Vladimir Putin addressed the officers of the FSB and the SVR separately.

Vladimir Putin: “It's necessary to actively improve counter-espionage and anti-corruption activities, the state border security system, and from now on, act decisively and uncompromisingly when fighting terrorism by focusing our efforts on the prevention of terrorist attacks, revealing covert, highly secretive terrorist cells. I'm counting on the systematic work of the External Intelligence Service, on the greatest competence of its officers, their expertise for strategic thinking covering many years to come.”

The president also praised the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard; they fight against illegal immigration, cyber crimes, and criminals. They ensured the safety of thousands of fans during the FIFA World Cup and the Krasnoyarsk Universiade. Police officers, along with other law enforcement services were given a special order by Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin: “I expect the prosecutors to ensure the efficient use of funds allocated to the implementation of national projects. The Investigation Committee plays the key role in the fight against corruption the crime in general. When investigating complicated cases and pursuing the reparation of damages, the investigators must rely exclusively on the law.”

Despite having different chevrons on their uniforms, the law enforcement services actively cooperate. Such alignment has great benefits for national security.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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