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Cool Video of Awesome Russian Military Rehearsing on Red Square for May 9 Victory Day Parade

The Russians are far and away the world champs at military parades. Trump wanted one in DC, and his military told him 'they couldn't afford it'. Watch the Russians show him how its done.


Moscow is preparing for a night rehearsal of the victory parade in these very moments. Exactly at 10 p.m., the command "Parade, stand to attention!" will sound in Red Square. Walking units would stand still in formations on a cobblestone road, and the military vehicles will be on the approaches to the main square. In a few minutes, we'll jump at the exclusive opportunity to show the modern Russian arms in detail.

Now, we'll tell you about the morning rehearsal of the airshow. There'll be 74 airplanes and helicopters, just as the number of years that have passed since the Victory Day took to the blue May sky over the capital today. The crews took to the sky from nine airfields.

Evgeny Davydov saw them off and met them in Kubinka, Moscow region.

The sky is clear, visibility is close to perfect. Combat vehicles are filled. MiG-29 fighters of the Astrakhan aviation center are driving into the runway. It takes them not minutes but seconds. From the airfield in Kubinka, the Swifts take off first. While they're lining up in the ceremonial rhombus in the sky, the Su-25 attack aircraft are already showing up on the runway. It'd take them 10 minutes to fly to the center of Moscow in a straight line. But the crews still need to line up in a certain order: the Su and MiG aircraft fly a little aside and then join the rest of the aircraft.

At the same time, the White Swan Tu-160 and the Tu-95MS bomber, the basis of strategic aviation, take off from the Engels airbase near Saratov.

There are Ka-52 Alligators in the sky above Moscow. Seeing this, it's difficult to believe that what's happening is real. Aces from the Berkuts on the Mil Mi-28 fly in a V-formation. Here are the first aircraft in the sky over the Kremlin. The perfect parade formation: there are a little over three feet from wing to wing. The climax over the Red Square lasts for a few seconds.

The planes each leave for their own airfield. The Swifts and the Knights land at Kubinka one by one. There are first-class pilots at the helm. Usually superstitious, after months of emergency training, they can joke.

Vladimir Kochetov, commander of the Russian Knights:

- If you enjoy, it's good. If you're too tense, you don't always enjoy it.

- How it was today?

- It's good today.

74 aircraft will fly in the air column on May 9th, according to the number of years since Victory Day.

When else will you find yourself literally on the wing of a fighter? This is the Su-30 of the Russian Knights. This is one of the most reliable and beautiful aircraft. The spectacle is fascinating.

Afterward, there's a mandatory inspection. Aircraft are prepared for the next flight. The final rehearsal will be held on May 7th.

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