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Expert in: Russia and the CIS region. Geopolitics. Middle Eastern politics. U.S. foreign policy.
Expert in: International law, international relations.
Expert in: Editor of, media critic, op-ed editor
Expert in: Russian international relations, middle east, central asia, eastern europe
Expert in: finance, political science
Expert in: All things Sherlocky
Expert in: diplomacy, international relations, literature, journalism
Expert in: Media, European Politics, Orthodox Christian culture
Expert in: Finance, agricultural investments, economics, financial markets, new media, international relations, politics.
Expert in: International Affairs, Geopolitics, former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, NATO, Serbian history and politics, Russia.
Expert in: Media analysis, US politics, Geopolitics (US, Russia, Europe)
Expert in: Photography
Expert in: politics
Expert in: Russia in World Affairs, Economics in Russia and Eastern Europe
Expert in: Chemistry, economics, engineering
Expert in: Russian politics, history, and culture. Orthodoxy (Christianity)
Expert in: Russian Foreign Policy, Vladimir Putin's political strategy
Expert in: Russian-American relations, social sciences, politics
Expert in: Economics, Finance, Soviet History, Chess
Expert in: International relations, geopolitics, Arctic geopolitics
Expert in: Russian, Asian, Latin American financial markets. Economics. Ballet. Errrr, this is going to be a very long list. Lets just say he knows a lot.
Expert in: Military analysis, International relations
Expert in: globalization, neoliberalism, political economy, anti-terrorism laws, dissent.
Expert in: Russian affairs
Expert in: Ukraine, Novorossiya, football
Expert in: Modern Christianity, Catholicism, Theology, Russian Orthodox Christianity
Expert in: Russia, Ukraine, military affairs, U.S. politics, "media watch"
Expert in: Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Expert in: Metals and mining, MH-17, business news, Russian and Eastern European politics
Expert in: Geopolitics, political theory, video editing
Expert in: Foreign Affairs, Military Affairs, Geopolitics
Expert in: politics
Expert in: Russian history, Russian foreign policy, military affairs, international relations, cross-cultural communication
Expert in: Russian history, politics, and culture. Business.
Expert in: Geopolitics, Former Soviet Union, Middle East, Asia
Expert in: Russian studies
Expert in: Being a Grunt
Expert in: Eastern Europe, Religion, Culture, Cuisine, Travel, Lifestyle
Expert in: International Relations, E-Business and New Media
Expert in: Technology, business, and news
Expert in: politics, economy, IT
Expert in: Russia, Kremlinology, Soviet Union, International Relations
Expert in: Geopolitics, Central Asia, Middle East
Expert in: Geopolitics, World Affairs, History and Geography
Expert in: Russian Culture and Religious Studies
Expert in: Russian history, sovietology, military issues, geopolitics, NATO
Expert in: Orthodox Liturgy, Theology, Church History, Greek, Latin, Byzantium, Christianity, Coffee Brewing
Expert in: literature, philosophy, history
Expert in: Geopolitics, Russia, Estonia
Expert in: Military analysis, intelligence issues, Russian geopolitics, traditional Orthodoxy (Christian)
Expert in: Russian history, politics, and culture. Business.
Expert in: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy, Theatre and Russian Literature
Expert in: Russian culture, religion, philosophy, literature, language
Expert in: Syria, Middle East
Expert in: media business analysis
Expert in: Editor of, media critic, op-ed editor.
Expert in: международные отношения, журналистика, публицистика
Expert in: журналистика, политические технологии, связи с общественностью
Expert in: экономика, геополитика
Expert in: социальные науки, российско-американские отношения