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Charles Bausman

Expert in: Finance, agricultural investments, economics, financial markets, new media, international relations, politics.

Pepe Escobar

Expert in: Geopolitics, Central Asia, Middle East

Gilbert Doctorow

Expert in: Russian affairs

Patrick Armstrong

Expert in: Russia, Kremlinology, Soviet Union, International Relations

The Saker

Expert in: Military analysis, intelligence issues, Russian geopolitics, traditional Orthodoxy (Christian)


Expert in: Russian history, sovietology, military issues, geopolitics, NATO

Iben Thranholm

Expert in: Modern Christianity, Catholicism, Theology, Russian Orthodox Christianity

Edward Lozansky

Expert in: Russian-American relations, social sciences, politics

Boris Pankin

Expert in: diplomacy, international relations, literature, journalism


Expert in: Media, European Politics, Orthodox Christian culture

Damir Marinovich

Expert in: International Affairs, Geopolitics, former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, NATO, Serbian history and politics, Russia.

Dmitry Babich

Expert in: Russian politics, history, and culture. Orthodoxy (Christianity)

Elliott Auckland

Expert in: Economics, Finance, Soviet History, Chess

Federico Pieraccini

Expert in: Military analysis, International relations

Graham Phillips

Expert in: Ukraine, Novorossiya, football

Martin Sieff

Expert in: Geopolitics, Former Soviet Union, Middle East, Asia

Michael Kirkwood

Expert in: Russian studies

Phil Butler

Expert in: Geopolitics, World Affairs, History and Geography

Vera Graziadei

Expert in: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy, Theatre and Russian Literature