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Contrast Between Russian and German Birthrate Policies Could Not Be Starker

The Russian birthrate is improving.

A recent Mercator article grudgingly admitted that:

<figcaption>"Racist and Xenophobic"</figcaption>
"Racist and Xenophobic"

Despite a terrible recent economic performance, dedpite a fall in output, a slow and steady increase in unemployment, despite a rise in general economic stress, Russia's birth rate has not fallen and the death rate is sharply decreasing. As Adomanis notes, this is in sharp contrast with the USA where “it is widely acknowledged that the Great Recession caused siginifcant downward pressure on the birth rate”. Not just in the United States, but in other western nations as well..."

This is also a growth in Russia's native population, not a growth in its Muslim population, as many critics like to point out. The article goes on to postulate that perhaps the link between economic hardship and birth rates is perhaps not so strong in Russia as in other countries.

While on the face of it, this statement may come out as true. However it ignores many inconvenient details about Russia's pro-natalist policies under Putin.

Put simple, the incentive programs put out by Putin to alleviate Russia's demographic crisis have started working, and the news seems to be positive. Russia still has a long way to go to get its birth/death rate in the green, but the leadership of the nation seems to take the problem very seriously.

In stark contrast, Germany- which suffers a far worse rate than Russia- seems to be actively sabotaging any constructive attempts to address the demographic problem and instead insisting on its new program of importing millions of 3rd world men to alleviate any problems of a dying populace.

She's got a thing for brown men

Take a look at this video where an AfD politician proposes a policy of incentivizing German families to have more children. 4 Tumblr-tier hambeasts jump down his throat and condemn his proposed policies as "racist" and "xenophobic."


The Afd politician- Steffen Koniger- points out that the current generation has shrunk by a third compared to its parent generation and that Germany leads the world in women opting to not have children- a staggering 25% of German women.

He goes on to propose a loan to new families for their first born child of 10,000 euros to financially incentivize and also relieve the burden of raising a child. Not only that, but he outlines plans to offer even better incentives to have 2 or 3 or more children.

Pretty good stuff so far.

On the face of it, what is wrong with a government for the people and by the people encouraging its citizens to have more children and avoid a steep projected demographic decline? Would this not help new German families?

Well the Cultural Marxists have a problem with that. As the first landwhale waddles up to take the podium and starts to begin criticizing the plan, it becomes clear that she takes offense at the proposal because it would lead to more German children with names like "Bjorn, Frauke or Alexander," being born in Germany.

From the video:

"Every single party, of whom all spokeswomen were notably female, rejected the proposal as "racist", "völkisch" (loving your own people), and "xenophobic" because a requirement is to actually live in the state and have German citizenship for at least 8 years.
The Christian Democratic Union said it was "populist", the Social Democrats said it was racist because it didn't include "all families", the Left Party (formerly Communist party) said it was misogynistic, racist that all children are equal and "Bio-Germans" (sic!) are no more desirable than any other child. The Green party called it the new Hitler program and stressed that single mothers, minorities, LGBT and poor families are the ones who need true support, not the antiquated traditional families."

In Russia, where Traditional values still predominate and are actuality waxing, not waning, these arguments would not be taken seriously even by the worst of the 5th columnist liberals.

We have yet to see what the final result of Germany's policy of importing the Third World to replace its aging population will bring. Will Germany go quiet into the night?

Time will tell, but they better decide fast.


The Demographic Rubicon is fast approaching.


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