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The Connection Between Imperialism and Zionism - the True Axis of Evil

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The truth is, the ‘Axis Of Evil’ is not as described by the younger of the two Bush presidents, but are four countries. Not the ones you might think... but are the current governments of the US, UK, France and Israel.

Heading this ‘Axis’, and providing the ‘muscle’ is most importantly, America. 

That many believe the US is in steep decline in every sense causes fear, particularly the threats by many oil producing countries to uncouple the US dollar from its sales. This American fear in turn causes their aggression, giving it a feeling of being cornered in a way, making the US one of the most dangerous country’s on Earth; adopting a regime change policy to plunder other countries resources, in an effort to prevent their (the US) country’s economic collapse, witness most recently the US sabre rattling over Venezuela.

America is now passing laws that forbid anyone to be critical of Israel, something not afforded to any other country by the US. But what most people do not appreciate is that the ideology of Zionism and the State of Israel is the antithesis of Jews and Judaism. This I make very clear so there is no accusation of my being ‘anti-Semitic’. I also reaffirm Israel’s right to exist.

There is an urgent need for a new realignment in order to unite anti-Imperialists and anti-war people/movements, to ultimately achieve full withdrawal of troops and closure, or at least limiting, of US, British, Chinese, French and Russian military bases from all overseas countries.

The two most important of all the policies that the West must abandoned immediately is that of regime change, and the other, of Western Russia ‘bashing’. These two must end soon unless we truly want a nuclear Armageddon and destroy the earth.

Kennedy said when calling for peace in the world not long before he was assassinated “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breath the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.”

Its time to embrace JFK’s ethos and end the idea of ‘exceptionalism’ of any peoples’, any country or race and end arms races. Also to aspire to end all wars, to in effect de-militarise the world; to put an end to the Military and Security Industrial complex that was eloquently explained to us was a danger in 1960 by US President Eisenhower.

To do this our politicians must accept the simple fact that individuals and nations are essentially all equal. We share the same planetary problems maybe the most serious ones being the environment, introducing G5 communication and its very serious dangers; artificial intelligence (AI); population growth; genetically modified food stuffs (GMO); the pharmaceutical industry excesses ...and maybe most of all maintaining our water supply!

A priority for Empires of the last few hundred years has been to ensure Jewish supremacy in the Middle East, more correctly referred to as the Near East in old British Foreign and Commonwealth and India Office ‘FCO speak’.

A much written subject recently has been the rumours of the aspirations of Netanyahu for ‘a Greater Israel’ which necessitates, admitted or not, land grabs from its neighbours. Think Syria and one of the reason there is chaos in that country.

One can’t help but remark that America is not a real country as such given it’s made up of nationalities that started going to the new country in large numbers only recently, in historic terms, in the 18th Century. It has a short history as compared to most countries on earth. And Israel, was only created by Jewish immigrants from, in the main Europe, in 1947 from a country that was called Palestine.

It does serve to remind us that the immigrants of the 18th and 19th Centuries to ‘the new world’, that was America, killed the indigenous essentially peaceful natured peoples, in their tens of millions, while Hollywood wrongly demonised them as ‘Savage Red Indians’.

Israel can only have peace today if they agreed to equality of Jew and non-Jew.

That is seemingly an impossibility for the current Zionist Fascists government headed by Netanyahu. That is why no country is more in need of regime change than Israel. Well except, I argue, their three partners in the ‘axis’!

The principle of equality is an anathema in Israel, mainly due to an unquestionable belief by many that they are ‘the chosen people’.

The West, notably the latest world Empire, America, go to war in Muslim countries in the main, committing themselves to huge expense and dangers, antagonising the majority of countries of the world, no doubt to protect their strategic and financial interests ....but also to maintain, expand even, Israel’s supremacy in the region. Only one country in what we today call the Middle East has nuclear weapons.

Take special note of the recent interesting involvement of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) with America to ‘regime change’ Venezuela.

An interesting small detail is in France, Edouard de Rothschild’s acquired ‘Libération’, a daily newspaper, founded in Paris by Jean-Paul Sartre in the wake of the protests of the summer of 1968. It is one of three of France’s most important newspapers along with Le Monde and Le Figaro. Adding to the overall irony given the great animosity of America towards Cuba, is the quote from Sartre when he stated that the famous, for many infamous, revolutionary and anti- imperialist, Che Guevara, a man Sartre knew, was “the most complete human being of our age”, and the wider connotation that statement of Sartre infers.

These are all I believe valid observations, many minor admittedly, but my making any reference to Jews or Israel, is considered by most people today to meaning ‘anti-Semitic’; why if they are just facts? That aside, some of my best friends are Jewish.

By the way Arabs, even Maltese are Semites. Though sounding rather trivial and unnecessary to mention, anti-Semites  should be described as being anti-Jews. A very small point of detail.

A negative preoccupation with ethnic or religious origins of a person or race is without doubt wrong and not only wrong, in the case of Jews is misleading.

This is because the strongest and most vocal critics of Judaic values in the world are, in the main, the intelligentsia of Jewish origin like Noam Chomsky.

Many such Jewish intellectuals say that the Judaic concept of ‘chosenness’ as interpreted by Netanyahu is disgusting.

For instance, Tony Blair is a great supporter of Empire and globalisation, another way of describing imperialism. But even if we would not know that, we would be able to guess; and he expresses unlimited and unconditional support for both globalisation and for Israel.

Netanyahu’s Israel is a country where a Jew has more rights than a non-Jew. Millions of native residents, including Christians, in the areas of Israel proper, Gaza and West Bank, have neither rights to vote nor citizenship because they are not Jews. Unarmed Palestinians, women and children included, are also on a daily basis murdered by snipers from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). Again these are facts not slurs.

In the 21st Century there is a large and thriving Muslim community in America, Britain and Europe.

In my view, Islam is quite similar to Christianity, certainly nearer than to the American evangelicals and other rather odd American denominations like Mormons.

What is important to realise is that the vast majority of Muslim countries are increasingly now on the side of freedom, and certainly against the concept of Empire, imperialism, colonisation, whatever name you prefer to give it.

In conclusion using a reliable democratic, preferably non-electronic process, which are becoming more and more susceptible to manipulation, elections should take place in these countries to change these four governments. 

We must simultaneously end wars, mostly started by countries who want to plunder resources. Such wars must be regarded as a thing of the past in the 21st Century and not be glamorised or popularised particularly by media or movies.

This OpEd is hoped to explain some of the nuts and bolts of the current chaos in the world and write what usually is prevented from being written due to people’s personal interpretation of what is politically correct.

That said, I feel it important to end with a quote from Nelson Mandela:

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Peace and good will to all men and women must be our mantra.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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