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Congratulations MSM! You Pissed Away the Last Shred of Credibility to Stop Trump and It Didn't Even Work!

Dear MSM, how stupid do you feel right about now?

Mainstream media, how stupid do you feel right about now? Just how embarrassed are you now about all your idiotic stories of Donald Trump as a Kremlin stooge, Putin's agent and Russian spy, that I know you never actually believed?

Yea I understand, you had a job to do and the name of that job was getting Hillary into the White House. But look, it didn't even work!

You kept up six months of the most construed, idiotic and cringeworthy hatchetry seen by man, pissing away the last shred of credibility you still had, and it didn't even work!

Hillary still didn't get the presidency! Americans still went out and voted for Donald Trump who you had told them was a Russian spy!

And it wasn't Marxist professors with a Russia crush who elected him either. It was the gun-totting, commie-hating, Reagan-loving Middle America that elected him and extended the middle finger to you and your surreal red baiting.

At least if you had stayed slightly ethical you could have still clung to a little bit of dignity now. But I guess thinking you had the power to pick and install the next president was just too much fun to pass on, huh?

Well f**k you! Enjoy the next four years!

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