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Online commenting sections are rapidly becoming an endangered species that may very well go extinct. If one googles: "shutting down comments" they will discover mainstream media is on a comment section killing spree; Popular Science, CNN, News24, ESPN, Chicago Sun-Times, Vox, Washington Post, Naked Capitalism; the list goes on. 

To get a better idea, read this article by Yves Smith, at naked capitalism

Russia Insider is volunteer citizen journalism. Our humble (anti-corporate funded) budget survives on ad revenue and donations. If it weren't for volunteers, we could not afford the staff to keep our commenting section open either, for the very same reasons. We love our commenting section and we fight hard to keep it clean, rich, and healthy. 

Commenting is intended to be a positive platform to foster intelligent conversation for us to learn, and grow. It can be a wealth of insight and knowledge that we should cherish and respect. There is almost never a need to express anything that violates the simple golden rule of 'do onto others'. If you violate this rule, you may be one of our 'beloved trolling idiots' If you have reasonable suspicion that you yourself might be one of these special people, please read, and re-read the following guidelines.

  • Etiquette   Be polite :) It's that's simple, there are no exceptions. 
  • Restricted Words   If you wouldn't say it in front of a large group of respectable, good people, (because you actually are), don't say it.  The restricted words are all potty mouth insult variety - nothing else is.  We would be glad to put the list right here so that you know what's in it, but, A) we don't want to gross you out, and B) then offenders would just use insults and ingenious spellings thereof not found on the list.  The F,S, and A words are on there, plus about 500 others.  We are writers, and thought we knew a lot of words, but even we were surprised at the creativity of ugly minds.
  • Banning   Generally we ban repeat offenders whose comments are frequently derogatory, rude, insulting and all-around lowering the quality of the debate.  You can also get banned if you are grossly illiterate or non-sensical.  There is no warning so please use common sense. If you find that you have been banned and you wish to dispute this please contact us at:  

Thank you for reading Russia Insider and we encourage you to join the conversation!