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US Calls on Hezbollah to 'Immediately Withdraw' From Syria. Come and Get Them?

Today in 'things that aren't going to happen'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The State Department is showing signs of unhealthy desperation. 

As Rex Tillerson arrived in Moscow yesterday to begin his two-day demand that Russia "drop" Assad, State Department spokesman Mark Toner made a different but equally stupid request during a press conference in Washington: Hezbollah must pack up and leave Syria — now! 

<figcaption>They have every right to be in Syria. Unlike the US</figcaption>
They have every right to be in Syria. Unlike the US

Nevermind that Hezbollah has played a critical role in dispatching Islamic State and Al Nusra to their 'moderate' afterlives. And nevermind that Russia has repeatedly praised Hezbollah's anti-terrorism efforts in Syria. 

Here's Mr. Toner, being about as perceptive as a Hewlett-Packard printer:

We call Hizballah – on Hizballah to immediately withdraw from Syria. And by continuing to operate, carry on military operations in Syria in support of the regime, Hizballah is violating its commitment to the Baabda Declaration and the Lebanese disassociation policy from the Syrian conflict. So we, obviously, view Hizballah’s role in Syria as unconstructive, and as I said, we certainly take any threats from this known terrorist organization very seriously.

We can't wait for these idiots to get kicked out of the Middle East forever. 

We're being serious: If the US wants them out so bad — come and get them. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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