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CNN Issues Correction: Kiev Not a NATO Member, But Western Ukraine Still 'Occupied'

If you insist, CNN

We all had a hearty, well-deserved laugh yesterday when it was discovered that CNN had reported last month that Ukraine is a NATO member and that its "western part" is "occupied". 

We have good news and bad news.

<figcaption>Sloppy reporting — but also good reporting?</figcaption>
Sloppy reporting — but also good reporting?

The bad news first. 

The bad news is that CNN no longer thinks that Ukraine is a NATO member: 

When was this correction announced? It's irrelevant, because the good news is that CNN is still reporting that Ukraine's "western part" is "occupied":

It's still there. shining bright. 

We're glad that CNN has decided to keep the only factual statement in this article, instead of "correcting" it like a coward would. 

There's hope for you yet, dear CNN. 


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