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CNN Bird-Brain Arwa Damon Sniffs Syrian Kid's Backpack, Finds Chemical Weapons! (Russian TV News)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

When she isn't biting people in a drunken rage, CNN's Beirut infobabe Arwa Damon is in hot pursuit of Assad's nasty henchmen who poison their own people.

According to the Daily News, Arwa (it means 'mountain goat' or 'female caribou' in Arabic) 'has a history of becoming intoxicated and abusive'. Maybe she's just frustrated that she can't seem to find those darn chemical weapons her bosses in NY keep telling her must be there ...

Never fear America, CNN's bimbo patrol is on the job!

Russian TV had a field day with this one. If you don't understand Russian, please understand that the journalist is speaking with sarcasm you could cut with a knife.

Very funny.

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Just as in America, CNN has become the butt of endless jokes in Russia.

Transcript follows below:


Here's an example of what American politicians view as proof of chemical weapon use in Syria, more precisely, weapons of mass destruction!

Here's an excerpt from CNN's live broadcast from a refugee camp in Idlib.

A CNN journalist: "Yes, there is definitely something which smells strange." 

Ah-ha! Auntie sniffed a rag or a child's backpack, and noticed something smelly ... and said, "Of course that's a chemical weapon!"  - It's mustard gas or worse, or maybe sarin nerve agent!  (which by the way is odorless). Well, whatever, she smelled something ... 

It turns out, according to the CNN lady, this backpack, which apparently smells like weapons of mass destruction, was carefully carried from Dummar by two spouses who seem not to mind their little daughter approaching the backpack, going through it, and even taking toys out of it.

All in all, the people around don't look particularly worried or sick; they're smiling. 

However, according to the same CNN lady, many of them brought their personal items in order for her to inspect and most definitely give them a sniff test, as proof of the Assad regime's cruelty.

This definitely sounds like a joke, although it is not.

All of this was broadcast live on the channel of magical make-belief—CNN.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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