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Clash of Civilizations: Faustian West Decays, Slavic Christendom Rises

The true harvest of D-Day.

The author grew up Jewish in New York City, and converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity, eventually becoming a monk.

He describes his ministry as 'street evangelism', and he can often be seen in midtown Manhattan and Washington DC protesting US hostility towards Russia. He has a highly successful YouTube channel with over 35 million views and 130,000 subscribers, and maintains a website called RealJewNews, which is highly critical of Jewish elites.

He is particularly vocal about and critical of Jewish influence pushing the confrontation with Russia. He tells his life story, and how he arrived at his current convictions on his YouTube channel.

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When we first became aware of Bro' Nat's videos a couple of years ago, we found his delivery so 'unusual', that we passed them by, while muttering to ourselves that he was often entirely right. Since then we have had the pleasure of meeting him, stayed in touch, and can attest that he is a very good guy.  You can see all of his articles on RI here.


A new clash of civilizations is now unfolding before our very eyes.

While the atheistic West is in decline, a renewed Russia based on the Christian Faith, the historic Church, and cultural unity – whose leader is a devout Orthodox Christian – is emerging as an opposing force to the pernicious spread of Zionist imperialism.

It was at the World Economic Forum held in Davos Switzerland in 2009 that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signaled to the Judaic-empowered West that its era of a “unipolar” world was coming to an end.

[Clip: “Not only the architecture of global finance is to be changed. We’re talking about the fact that a system of interaction based on a number of centers should replace a unipolar world.”]

The demonization of Russia’s leader which I call, “The Jewish War on Vladimir Putin,” then shifted into high gear. The smearing had already begun in 2007 when Gerald Levin’s and Norman Pearlstine’s Time Magazine portrayed Putin as a tyrannical monster as Time’s Man of the Year.

It all came to a head during the Duma parliamentary elections held in Russia’s provinces last month.

Even before the so-called ‘election monitoring groups’ issued their reports, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at a “human rights” meeting in Lithuania, accused Putin of “rigging” the vote.

[Clip: “A number of governments continue to view civil society as adversaries instead of partners. We just witnessed a flawed Duma election in Russia including efforts to halt the election monitoring.”]

Putin was quick to respond, pointing out that Clinton’s blatant lie of voter fraud, “signaled” to Zionist-funded NGO’s to begin their staged, well-rehearsed, anti-Putin protests.

[Clip: “We need to work out ways to protect our sovereignty, defense against interference from outside. The first thing that the US Secretary of State did was to give her opinion about the elections. She said they were unfair and unjust, even before she got Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights monitors’ materials. She set the tone for some of the activists inside our country, gave them a signal, they heard the signal and started their activist work with support from the US State Department.”]

With Jewish chess champion Gary Kasparov at the lead of the protests, complete with the typical and obviously heavily funded—lots of money here folks, this is NOT some spontaneous, grassroots protests—rehearsed theatrics, catchy slogans, and expensive Photo-Shopped posters. Some of them pointedly anti-Christian…the sure work of Jews…since the Church is very popular under Putin.

The leading US State Department-sponsored NGO behind the contrived protests in Russia, as reported by the renowned contemporary historian, William F Engdahl, is the National Endowment for Democracy, known as the NED.

This organization has absolutely NOTHING to do with democracy but rather with subverting governments that oppose the Zionist West’s quest for world hegemony through Conferences, Elections Monitoring, and Social networking.

Dubious beginnings mark this so-called “democracy” group.

You see, the NED’s Jewish founders in the 80’s, Allen Weinstein and Carl Gershman, were careful to prevent any exposure of the laundered funds coming to them from the CIA – for such exposure would have aborted the organization at its birth.

Indeed, the NED was created to do “overtly” what the CIA could not do “covertly.”

Gershman remains the President of the NED where he is enabled by two powerful monied-Jews who serve on the Board of Directors: Kenneth Duberstein, who also serves on the Board of the Boeing Company, and Larry Liebenow, former Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce, who now directs the NED’s International Policy Center.

The Jewish War on Vladimir Putin is now in full bloom.

Yet in spite of Jewry’s efforts to destroy him, Vladimir Putin, a devout Orthodox Christian, has as his reinforcement troops, all the powers of heaven.

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And of this battalion, fully equipped for lethal battle, international Jewry has NO defense!

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