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Circles of Hell: Shocking Film of Ukraine War Crimes, Sadistic Torture (Video)

Torturing for the fun of it - a new film by a Russian NGO documents heinous crimes in eastern Ukraine

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A new human rights NGO, Information Group IGCP has been established in Russia to document some of the horrific crimes committed against the people of Eastern Ukraine. 

To raise much needed awareness absent  from HR organizations in the West, they produced an English-language film ‘Circles of Hell’ documenting the gut wrenching stories of a few ordinary people from Donbass, who suffered heinous crimes under the hands of terrorist battalions and the Ukrainian military after the orchestrated coup in Kiev.

<figcaption>Welcome to Ukraine, Europe's inferno torture fun-park</figcaption>
Welcome to Ukraine, Europe's inferno torture fun-park

The interviewees are just a few victims of marauding militants, who tortured innocent civilians, turning their activities into a witch hunt against anyone suspected of collaborating with the Donbass people’s militia.

Around 25 minutes long, with facts that western media dare not be show lest they expose what they deliberately tried to obscure.

Published on: 16/01/2016


Part One:


Part Two:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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