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Churkin’s Last Interview: ‘Difficult' Year For Russian Diplomats Due to ‘Explosion of Global Instability’ Caused by US (VIDEO)

Churkin expressed deep concern about the current volatile nature of global stability and international relations

Vitaly Churkin is the fourth senior Russian diplomat to die suddenly in the last two months. Churkin, Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations, reportedly died of a heart attack in New York yesterday.

His last sit-down interview before his unexpected death shows that Churkin was aware of and deeply worried about the increasingly volatile nature of international stability:

<figcaption>Churkin was never afraid of telling the truth</figcaption>
Churkin was never afraid of telling the truth

[Being a diplomat] has become much more hectic that it used to be in the past. It is stressful. Unfortunately the world has not become more stable as it used to be, and there are quite a few hot spots where diplomats are posted, so the increasing political tension and increasing political challenges, are coupled with a lack of stability. So quite a few of my colleagues find themselves working in rather stressful and difficult circumstances.


Q: Do you think there will be some kind of resistance between Trump and his people [regarding Russia]?

A number of our senior officials, including Sergei Lavrov, has made it clear that we’re not expecting miracles. We have a very complicated agenda on our hands, in our bil-lateral relations, in the role our countries are playing in the world. So their team needs to take shape. We have a long stretch ahead of us.


[In the cases of Syria and Yemen], if we allow such conflicts to drag on, then blood, emotions, casualties – it becomes more and more difficult to settle them. As soon as politically, humanly possible, those things need to be arrested and brought to normalcy.

But unfortunately both in Yemen and Syria, [the international community] has allowed the conflicts to continue, and that has created those dramatic humanitarian, political, and economic consequences.

Churkin also spoke of how the United States "uncorked the bottle" in Libya and Syria, leading to "an explosion in instability around the world."

Although he seemed in good spirits, he finished with these haunting final words: "It’s going to be a busy year for the Russian delegation."

Watch the full interview:

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