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With Churkin Gone, West Takes to the UN Bully Pulpit in Hopes of Derailing Syria Peace Talks

Vitaly Churkin was barely off the scene in New York before the conspiring powers presented a new resolution to the UNSC, bringing concocted and baseless charges against the Syrian government for using chemical weapons

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The war in Syria should have never happened. And now the one man who did everything in his power to try to stop it is dead.

Without the weight of false reports from Al Jazeera in 2011, the whole 'moderate rebel' narrative in Syria may have failed; the 'manufacturing of dissent' was vital to make the whole case for the 'revolution' in Syria, where such an uprising had failed to take root naturally. It is easy to forget - if one knew - that the first protests of the 'Arab Spring' began in countries with repressive Western-backed regimes, like Egypt, Bahrain and Tunisia; Syria was different, and its fake revolution had to be cultivated.

<figcaption>He was irreplaceable</figcaption>
He was irreplaceable

The true depth of the crime against humanity that is the war on Syria can be gauged by the fact that the Syrian Revolution must still be cultivated - with an ongoing stream of fabricated stories and false flag attacks. So many times in the last six years opportunities for a ceasefire and resolution of the conflict have been sabotaged by the dirty tricks of the 'Opposition' and their Western puppet masters.

This even happened yesterday, when a carefully planned multiple suicide bomb attack on Homs sought to destroy the latest talks underway in Geneva. The Syrian government then got the blame for the failure for its response to the attack, and was even blamed for organising it as a false flag to sabotage the talks.

Conversely, how could we measure the depth of the disaster that would have befallen Syria were it not for the steadfastness of her Russian friends? Right now of course I am thinking of - and mourning - the tragic loss of one particular Russian friend - the UN representative Vitaly Churkin. Alongside Syria's representative at the UN Bashar al Jaafari, Vitaly Churkin showed a special skill with words, as well as extraordinary patience in dealing with some of the most disingenuous, deceitful and deaf members of the Security Council. And while the Russian veto over Security Council resolutions may not have been his decision alone, it was he that had to endure the wrath of Western leaders and media for raising his lone hand to foil their dirty schemes.

No doubt Churkin had the reassurances and support of his close partners in Russia, Syria and Iran, and as time went on surely also the courage of his convictions. But there is one reward that has been denied him, should there ever be a reckoning for his persecutors in the West. This would be the acknowledgement, and consequent remorse, at having mocked and persecuted the one man at the UN who would not sell out his friends or his principles by conceding to illegal and violent actions against Syria.

Sadly it doesn't look as though there will be a 'reckoning' for some time, possibly never. The West is now so deeply immersed in the swamp of its own self-serving misinformation as to be beyond saving; the fresh air of truth has now become toxic to it.

Vitaly Churkin was barely off the scene in New York before the conspiring powers presented a new resolution to the UNSC, bringing concocted and baseless charges against the Syrian government for using chemical weapons. Perhaps he was spared the job of having to use Russia's veto powers yet again, and the disappointment in finding that the new US representative at the UN Nikki Haley is prepared to parrot Samantha Power's toxic rubbish. In a bizarre sort of merry-go-round, the two new combatants in this circus must immediately take the same irreconcilable positions - Russia's in line with International law and 'morality', and America's in line with the agenda and interests of its deep state.

So three and a half years on from the UN moves that nearly saw a NATO military attack on Syria based on false claims about chemical weapons we must watch it all happen again, but with the new and even more outrageous false claims presented with even greater certainty by the mother of all fake news - Al Jazeera.

And that's where the 'shouting at your television' comes in - not only because of the demeaning presentation of Russia's role at the UN but because of the continuing perversity of Al Jazeera's narrative about the Syrian conflict. Following the report on the UNSC resolution, where Russia's new UN representative was predictably shown dismissing the case against Syria, the latest news mentioned above was interpreted by a 'spokesman' for Al Qaeda's new brand, 'Tahrir al Sham'. The killing of many soldiers and civilians in Homs must not be allowed to disrupt the important discussions in Geneva he said.

And there you have it - false news brought to you from the leaders of the revolution - Al Qaeda!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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