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Christopher Columbus, Howard Zinn and the Black Legend

The founder of the campaign to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day is the deceased Jewish pseudo-historian Howard Zinn and his Zinn Education Project, not Indians themselves. 

Every year on October 14th, America's Italian community is greeted with a rash of hate crimes that are never seriously investigated. 

In San Francisco, a city that has already replaced Columbus day with "Indigenous People's Day," the local Columbus monument was vandalized and spray painted with "...kill all colonizers," a reference to the European majority in the USA. Similar crimes have been committed in other cities. 

The official reasoning for these attacks is that Columbus enslaved and murdered Amerindians he encountered, but this doesn't explain why Thorfinn Karlsefni - the Viking who fathered the first European born in the New World - is also subjected to hate crimes by anarchists. Beneath all the fairy tales, the animosity isn't towards any one unique figure of European discovery, the fury is caused by the mere existence of white people in the Americas. 

While Indians are often trotted out as leaders in the anti-Columbus movement, the truth is that they have no institutional power. It would make sense for the overwhelmingly indigenous nation of Guatemala to abolish their version of Columbus Day, yet they still celebrate him and his statue is never attacked. In Peru and Nicaragua, Amerindian populists have started debates on the holiday, which is their right.

But the most virulent anti-Columbus movement by far is in the United States, where physical graffiti only serves as an accelerant for the party line promoted in Jewish controlled media and academia. This hatred is deeper.  

The Black Legend

Columbus' voyage began around the time Jews were being expelled from Spain in the Spring and Summer of 1492. For more than six centuries, Spain was occupied by the Moorish empire, where local Jews played an important role in administrative affairs and business ventures. Spanish Jewry specialized in "white slavery" - where European men, women and children were bought and sold as chattel across the Islamic world - a practice the "Sephardics" as they came to be known later took to the Ottoman occupied Balkans after the Alhambra decree.

Stories of Columbus' brutality in the New World today can be largely traced back to the Dominican friar of Jewish origins, Bartolome de las Casas. Despite being the figure that suggested the use of black slaves for labor, Las Casas would go on to write A Short Account of The Destruction of the Indies in 1552. Serious historians have dismissed this work as anti-Spanish propaganda meant to be utilized by Protestant rebels fighting the Spanish crown in Holland, who were backed by the exiled Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam.

According to historians Philip Wayne Powell and Ricardo Garcia Carcel, Las Casas provided material for vengeful Jews abroad, who utilized their dominance in Dutch literature to peddle and amplify all sorts of calumnies featuring Spanish barbarism, backwardness and racial impurity throughout the Protestant world. The supposed atrocities of Columbus were prominent in these accusations, beginning with the 80 Years War and then when the British began to compete with Spain for lands in the New World.

The dubious, racially motivated works of the Jew Las Casas are central to contemporary anti-Columbus sentiment promoted by Howard Zinn and his adepts. 

Continuing the War On Columbus 

The founder of the campaign to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day is the deceased Jewish pseudo-historian Howard Zinn and his Zinn Education Project, not Indians themselves. 

Zinn's chapter on Colombus in The People's History of the United States is the doctrine used to justify abolishing the holiday. In his description of the first voyage, Zinn plagiarizes the work of another Jew, Hans Koning, whose book Columbus: His Enterprise: Exploding the Myth was seen as ham-fisted leftist propaganda with little scholarly value when it was released in the 1970s.

Both books use ellipses to take passages from Columbus' logs completely out of context to make him looking like a greedy, bloodthirsty monster. Specialists familiar with Columbus' private writings have noted that Zinn was purposely being deceptive. 

Like with the Black Legend in Amsterdam, a network of US Jews today lead the crusade against Columbus and the legitimacy of European existence in the Americas. 

In Mother Jones, a Jewish transsexual named Delilah Friedler, used an image of a vandalized Columbus statue and declared that Columbus Day is "dying" while praising various municipalities ceding to Zinn's narrative - partially financed by the Smithsonian Institute - that birthed "Indigenous People's Day." 

In Talking Points Memo, the Jewish editor Josh Marshall used a day marked to celebrate Italian heritage as an opportunity to excoriate Italian-Americans as a class. According to Marshall, the holiday represents Italian-Americans "buying into" white supremacy. 

Even in tiny Waterville, Maine, local Mayor Nick Isgro's decision to affirm Columbus' legacy was met with vocal protest from the few Jews in town. The loudest voice, New York Jew Elizabeth Leonard, a professor at Colby University, has been actively interrupting town hall meetings on the subject and has been featured prominently in friendly local press  platforming her vicious anti-white rants. 

Indians themselves gain nothing from replacing Columbus Day. Their economic situation and myriad of social ills will not improve from this gesture. In this battle, they are nothing more than front men for a Jewish campaign of revenge dating back to 1492, when one branch of Europe overthrew the "golden age" of Judah ushered in a golden age for the West. 

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