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Thousands Wait for Hours to Visit Russian Cathedral in Paris

Not the most beautiful, or the cheapest, Russian cathedral, but a popular one nonetheless

The Russian church on Branly Quai in Paris was one of the most visited places during the Days of the French National Heritage held on Saturday and Sunday. Several major publications, such as “Le Monde” and “Le Figaro” had earlier suggested to their readers to visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral and Spiritual-Cultural Center, reports the Korsun Diocese.

As a result, the Parisians and visitors to the city had to stand in line for several hours to finally reach the church and visit the exhibition in the center’s exposition halls. Guests were welcomed in the cathedral by the priests and employees, answering their numerous questions, and conducting tours of the spiritual and cultural center.

The Trinity Cathedral was open for eight hours both days. According to approximate data it was visited by no less than 12,000 people. The vast majority of visitors acknowledged that the Orthodox church on Branly Quai has become not only an integral part of the architectural heritage of Paris, but is one of its ornaments.

The Days of National Heritage is a traditional festival that has been held in France for 35 years. During the festival, 15,000 objects of cultural and public institutions are opened for free access. The Holy Trinity Cathedral and Spiritual-Cultural Center in Paris took part in the festival for the first time this year.

The Russian Orthodox center was under construction from 2014 to 2016, holding its inaugural opening on October 19, 2016. Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky stated at the opening that “the center will open its doors to anyone who is interested in the history of our country, our scientific and cultural accomplishments, and for those who want to learn Russian. The Holy Trinity Cathedral will undoubtedly play an important role for the Orthodox people in Paris.”


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