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Syrian Christians Restore Christmas To Aleppo Cathedral

The Syrian-Russian victory over US-Saudi crucifiers and beheaders in Aleppo has ended the Christian genocide there just in time for the First Christmas of the Season—for Christ’s sake!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and longtime human rights activist who works and resides in New York City.

For Christ’s sake indeed!  For the Sake of The Prince of Peace!  Lest still more Syrian Christian children and adults be raped and mutilated, beheaded and crucified by what the US calls its “moderates.”

A Brief History

Back in 2011, former quasi-American ally, President Bashar Assad of Syria, shown here with Bush Secretary of State. Colin Powell...

was suddenly given an ultimatum by the new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—who was perceived to “wear the pantsuits” in the Obama Administration.  And that ultimatum was (if I may put it in plain English) that:

“Either you throw the Russians out of their naval base on the Syrian coast; stop all  shipments of Iranian arms through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon; let the Saudis build a mega-pipeline through Syria to the Mediterranean coast so as to cut the Russians out of the European oil market; and scrap your plans to begin accepting payments for Syrian oil in your own currency rather than American dollars—or else we will ship our ISIS and al-Qaeda paid-fanatics, now in Libya, over there to Syria and regime-change you!”

Assad, of course, refused.  And Clinton—through her “boy,” Obama—followed through on her threat.  Even though it meant that over a million Syrian Christians would flee their homes and/or die gruesome deaths at the hands of her equally-sadistic “moderate” and “extremist” fanatics--Killary still thought her stated goals would be “worth it.”  Even as her mentor, Madeleine Albright, back when she was Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, thought the death of 500,000 Iraqi children “to teach Saddam a lesson” was “worth it” then too.

But that’s the past.

Now is The Season of Hope   

Hope tempered by sadness.  For the many Christian children and adults who have been lost.  Their churches shattered.  Their families scattered.

Yet few as they are, those Christians who have stood their ground and survived are now enacting the very meaning of Christmas in bringing life yet again out of death. 

Life that, in turn, will die—only to be born anew.

As Maher al-Mounes reports from Aleppo for Yahoo! News via Google Alerts,[1] dateline December 21, 2016:

Inside Aleppo's crumbling Saint Elias[2] [Maronite Catholic] Cathedral, Nehme Badawi and his brother Bashir[3] rummage through the snow-covered rubble for wood and scrap metal to make a crude Nativity scene for Christmas.

The roof of the famed church in Aleppo's Old City had collapsed years ago under a salvo of rocket fire.  Bright white flakes floated down and rested on the destruction inside.

"We're using whatever debris we can find to symbolize the triumph of life over death," says 53-year-old Nehme, as he gathered broken tree branches to decorate the scene.

After more than four years of fierce fighting, the guns have fallen silent in Syria's second city just a few days before [the Catholic-Protestant] Christmas.

The [Syrian] army announced on Thursday that it had fully recaptured Aleppo, putting an end to the violence that transformed the city from a hub of culture and history into a worldwide symbol of [US] destruction....

And aggression.

"The emotional impact is much bigger and deeper than the material loss,"

Bashir continues:

"All our memories are here -- this is where we celebrated all our feast days, all our joys.” Bashir says.

Recalling how peaceful it was before Clinton sent her terrorists in—so assured of victory.  And how al-Qaeda wept like American college girls at her electoral defeat—knowing their beheadings and crucifixions of Syrian children must soon end.  As now they have.

Bashir continues in a hopeful Christmas moment:

"We want to transform all this destruction into something beautiful."

The church's snow-covered front yard -- typically lit in bright colors in preparation for the holidays -- stands as a testament to some of the worst violence of Syria's war.

Nearby buildings are blackened by fires and the cathedral's own entrance, flanked by two massive clock towers, bear the markings of rocket fire.

Al-Mounes reports that when Clinton’s al-Qaeda forces first overran East Aleppo in mid-2012:

The famed old quarter became one of the city's most notorious front lines.

Fighting destroyed the 11th-century minaret of Aleppo's famed Ummayad mosque and heavily damaged its citadel.

For the peaceful Sunni Muslims suffered too.

It also forced most of Aleppo's Christians, which made up 10 percent of the pre-war population, to flee.

There are only about 100,000 Christians left in East Aleppo out of the 250,000 before the war, according to demographic expert Fabrice Balanche.

Almost all of them stayed in the government-held part of the city.

Because Bashar Assad and his father Hafez gave peace and prosperity, equality and protection to all Syrian Christians over their combined 40 year reign—before Clinton unleashed her terrorists upon them.

Now, Bashir tells al-Mounes:

"We came back to the church three days ago, as soon as we found out that the military operations were nearing their end.”

He and the young boy scouts carefully set up figures for the nativity scene -- the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph the carpenter are positioned next to a cow and a lamb, facing the wise men and a shepherd.

Al-Mounes continues his description of the scene;

An angel has been precariously fixed to the roof of the makeshift shed with some rope.

The red, green, and gold decorations appeared particularly bright amid the dull tones of destruction.

"I'm 24 years old, and I spent 20 years of my life here. We came every day, but we were deprived of our church these past four years," says scout Tony Mardini, as he blows into his hands to keep them warm.

"During the war years, as soon as we heard rocket fire or an explosion, we came to check on the church and we'd see the damage get worse," he says.

He and fellow scouts have mobilized quickly in recent days, using Facebook and Whatsapp to invite relatives and friends to Sunday's Christmas service.

As he discusses his plans for his first Christmas in Saint Elias in five years, Mardini breaks out into a smile.

"It's among these ruins that we will have our reunion," he says.

Christmas Blessings be upon you all, you steadfast Christians of Syria and Russia.


[1] Unfortunately, as US censorship of “Russian propaganda” on the internet increases, so does censorship of Orthodox Christian news items and sites, whether Russian or not.  Thus a search term like “Syrian Christian” tends to elicit Catholic news items almost exclusively—even though all Catholic churches in Syria “in communion with the Pope” only represent a minority within a minority of Syrian Christians as the majority of Syrian Christians are Antioch Orthodox Christians . Still these Catholic items do give us a sense of what is happening to Orthodox Christians as well as the US-supported genocidal Muslim terrorists slaughter all Christians equally. 

[2] Saint Elias is the Prophet Elijah.

[3] Bashir and Bashar are the same name.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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