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Russian Christian TV Offers Sodomites 1-Way Tickets to California - Many Eagerly Apply (Video)

Western media heavily criticized the channel's offer to sexual deviants

This article from our archives was first published on RI in May 2018

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russia Insider originally published this article in January of this year.

A Russian television channel has offered any sodomite their dream come true. A chance to get away from all the bigotry of a Christian country and enjoy living out deviance in a more open, gay friendly society, California. 

Since the offer was made they have received both criticism and pleas for help. The following clip taken from said channel has the story with transcript below.


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The video clip that was published on the official page of Tsargrad TV on facebook caused a flurry of negative comments from the liberals. Popular figures, even mainstream news viciously criticised the channel’s offer to buy a one-way ticket for sodomites and other deviants to the USA or any other country willing to take them. More in our material.


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Liberal mainstream media and social media groups have again demonstrated their inadequacy and a totalitarian-sectarian way of thinking. The reason was our channel’s initiative.  After the news that California wants to make it easier for Russian sodomites to get a residence permit.  The people of Tsargrad TV decided to offer a way to make the deviants dreams come true. Were eve willing to pay for a one-way ticket to anyone who is serious about emigrating. They may present a medical certificate  proving their homosexuality or any other forms of deviancy. Our collective was morally ready for the overwhelming aggression although the enemies of tradition and conservative values have outdone themselves.

Youtube user Alexander Alimove writes:

“A new low”

The channel “Journalism” on Telegram has published the post message of the day:

“ The tv channel Tsargrad publicised a post where they are offering to buy a one-way ticket to allHomosexuals wishing to emigrate. They even shot a video obscurantist can rarely surprise but this message from the MSM is truly shocking. Will the author of this piece be sacked? Will the market abandon him?”

Even the chanel Dozhd responded:

“ An article with the following title was published there. The depths of Hell”


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Aside from many insults to our presenter who volunteered to be the head of the project came dozens of actual offers from sodomites ready to emigrate.

“Hi Andre! Buy me a ticket!”

“Hello Andre! What are the conditions of getting a ticket to the USA?”


“What kind of medical certificate is that? What kind of form would that be?”

“Where can I get such a certificate?”

“I really want it. You are responsible for your words right? I am gay and I love all kinds of sick stuff”

“Hello, saw your broadcast today and I am interested in your offer I am twenty years old and I’m gay. I don’t have a medical certificate but I am willing to do anything in order to leave Russia I can show you all kinds of proof of my deviances photos or video, or even on your show my facebook profile doesn’t look like much only because I use VK.”


Meanwhile Tsargrad started working on determining the prerequisites or emigration for the volunteers. That may take some time. Tsargrad will publish the prerequisites and rules, also a legal way of proving one's homosexuality as soon as they will know all the information.Until then we can certainly say that in order to participate a person must be part of the sexual minority and be serious about the question of emigration. We are not a tour operator. We are the conservative majority.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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