'Morning Prayers' is #1 Search Term in Moscow Metro During Rush Hour

With how beautiful the Moscow metro is, who can blame them for thinking they're in church?

This article from our archives was first published on RI in September 2017

This article originally appeared on: Russian Faith, a new website with news about the Christian renaissance in Russia. See their introductory video at end of article.

The Moscow metro has excellent high-speed internet, both paid, and free. It is a cutting edge technology town.

<figcaption>The Moscow Metro - making American infrastructure look ugly since 1951 and in more ways than one </figcaption>
The Moscow Metro - making American infrastructure look ugly since 1951 and in more ways than one

According to Russian search engine Yandex, Muscovites traveling on the metropolitan subway during the morning peak hours search for the texts of prayers and dream books most often, reports RIA-Novosti.

The most popular topics searched for changes throughout the day.

After the morning searches for prayers and dream books, the first half of the day is dominated by searches for directions and various addresses, especially to courts, museums, and shopping centers.

“On the way home from work, users are already beginning to think about preparing dinner, or they search for where to order dinner. Theater-goers are returning home from 10 to 11 PM, and from 11 to midnight—football fans.”

Just before the metro closes, users most often search for nighttime bus schedules, the Yandex message reads.

Moreover, throughout the entire day, Muscovites are interested in religion more than the state, job searches, games, children, movies, and animals.

In general, metro riders are 10% more interested in religion than the rest of the capital.

Passengers rarely search for information on the weather, and for pornography and sex services.

The Moscow metro and is so beautiful, clean, and reliable, that it is hard to capture it all in one photo. If you'd like to see more of it, check out this video.

A video introducing the Russian Faith website:

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