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If Russia Adopts Modern Western Values, We Will Disappear - Russian Priest Tkachev

Popular Priest Andrei Tkachev explains how the hedonism, materialism and love for sin of the modern west will destroy Russia...if Russians buy into it

This article from our archives was first published on RI in October 2017

This article originally appeared onRussian Faith, a new website with news about the Christian renaissance in Russia. See their introductory video at end of article.

Father Andrei Tkachev is from the city of Lvov, meaning “Place of the Lion”, in western Ukraine. Lvov is a Slavic city that has been particularly influenced by Polish culture and western ideas for centuries.

<figcaption>Ukraine at the Crossroads</figcaption>
Ukraine at the Crossroads

After the 2014 coup and war in Ukraine, with which Fr. Andrey vocally disagreed, he moved to Moscow. There, he rapidly became one of Russia’s most popular priests.

In this talk with Russian youth, someone asked whether Russians adopt western culture without losing their morality.

Father Andrei said "Nyet".

Though there is much to admire about the Christian history of Europe, today, Russia is different, not because it is some barbaric steppe culture, but because it has retained the Christian ideals that the West has abandoned.

Using as an example the rampant homosexuality propaganda of the modern west, he explains that while Russia is defending Christian values, the west is destroying itself, creating an exclusively, angrily secular world, a melting pot devoid of national identity and Christian morality.

Go to the article on Russian Faith to watch the video.  Tkachev is good.

A video introducing Russian Faith:

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