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China's Xi: Strategic Partnership With Russia Is Key to World Stability

China's growing partnership with Russia now poses a direct threat to US global hegemony


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During a meeting with Russian Presidential Administration chief Sergei Ivanov in Beijing on Friday, China's President Xi Jinping praised his nation's strategic partnership with Russia, and said that cooperation between Moscow and Beijing plays a "key role in safeguarding peace and stability in the region and the world at large."

Over the last six months, Russia's economic ties with China have developed into a comprehensive political partnership. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently announced that China was "coordinating" its foreign policy with Russia. China is also expected to be the first foreign recipient of Russia's most advanced missile defense system, the S-400.

<figcaption>A new BRICS order?</figcaption>
A new BRICS order?

During his trip to Beijing, Ivanov said that Russia-China relations were "at the highest levels in history":

It is gratifying that new platforms for direct substantial dialogue emerge, and this is fully in line with the dynamics of the Russian-Chinese relations, which are at the highest level in history. The strategic partnership between Russia and China is an example of interstate relations in the 21st century.

Washington has expressed increasing uneasiness about the growing ties between Russia and China. Obama's "Asia pivot", designed to reign in China's influence in the Asia-Pacific, now faces a serious obstacle: Direct military and political support from Moscow.

How the geniuses in Washington managed to unite their two most powerful geopolitical foes against American hegemony is a different story.

Is this the beginning of a "new BRICS order"?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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