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China's New Silk Road Offers a Chance for Peace in Ukraine

China is trying to lure Ukraine away from America, and back into the neighborhood. Will Ukraine choose pride over survival? Participating in the Chinese project of the century will inevitably force Ukraine to make amends with other Eastern neighbors. Will Ukraine choose to become a NATO army base or a transport hub for the New Silk Road? 

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This article originally appeared at It was translated by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ

"Great Silk road" or the Great Eurasia

It is no secret tht Ukraine now is a platform for a struggle between two global projects: the Anglo-Saxon "Global World" under the "auspices" of the U.S. and the "Greater Eurasia", the initiators of which are Russia and China.
<figcaption>Ukraine  is an important partner for China.</figcaption>
Ukraine is an important partner for China.

China is a strategically important economic partner for Ukraine. It's no secret that the real money for new projects in the country can only come from Russia and China. But if in relation to Russia, Kiev's position is clear and unchanged: the break-up of all possible relationships, and the transformation of the border of Ukraine and Russia into anon-traversable barrier not only for people but also for goods and services, Kiev has shown a lot more enthusiasm to China.

For reference: Trade turnover with Russia in 2014 fell the most (exports - 50%, import -32%).

China's official stance has long been a "mystery". Official Kiev had hoped that China will accept the situation and will work with Ukraine without a link to Russia. Not quite so:

China has included Ukraine in the process of creating a unified system of infrastructure and trade routes in Eurasia, which is to unite the Eastern and Western parts of the continent and become the analogue of the Great Silk Road in the twenty-first century.

This was stated by the Ambassador of China to Ukraine Zhang Xiyun at a business forum in Kiev.

"A few days ago, I handed the Ukrainian government a document on the development and implementation of the project "101 Belts and one road", including the joint discussion, the construction and development of trade and infrastructure routes. In addition, I presented the basic essence of the coordination of strategies between the countries in the project "101 Belt and one road", and also provided concrete projects of cooperation in the political sphere, infrastructure and financial flows," - he said.

According to the Ambassador, Ukraine due to its geographical location and the scientific-industrial potential is an important partner for China.

"Ukraine is an important country in the center of Europe, which is a corridor between the West and the East. She has significant industrial and agricultural production capabilities, as well as a valuable scientific and industrial potential," - the Ambassador said.

China, in the face of the Ambassador, made it clear that it views Ukraine as a bridge between East and West. This is what it is wants to invest in. All these projects are built on linking Ukraine and Russia into a single transport hub of Big Eurasia. Of course such a role of Ukraine is not acceptable to the US. Thus real projects with China, which the junta likes to brag about for now remain only on paper in the form of memorandums.

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