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Signs of Massive Chinese Move Into Russian Agriculture

A match made in heaven.  Chinese money and hugely under-invested Russian agricultural potential

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RDIF, the Kremlin's $10 billion private equity fund, doesn't do small projects.  

One of its goals since founding has been to attract investment into Russian agriculture, which it has not been successful at yet, partly because agriculture is better suited to small investments.  

<figcaption>Russian ag - massively under-invested</figcaption>
Russian ag - massively under-invested

However the economic raprochement with China might be enough to tip the balance. 

The opportunities are enormous.

BEIJING, November 9. /TASS/. Russia’s Direct Investment Fund is considering seven investment projects in the agrarian sector with participation of Chinese co-investors, the Fund’s head Kirill Dmitriyev said on Sunday.

“We are meeting here (on November 10 on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Beijing - TASS) with leading agrarian investors, who plan to invest in the agrarian sector along with us and the Russian-Chinese Fund (a division of the Russian Direct Investment Fund),” he said.

The Fund, according to Dmitriyev, is considering seven projects in the areas of animal breeding, plant growing and aquaculture with leading Asian corporations. “We are looking at seven projects in the farming sector. They involve mostly Chinese and a number of Arab co-investors,” he said.

Apart from that, he said while in Beijing he planned to discuss closer cooperation with Chinese banks with an eye to attract them to financing a number of Russian companies. Infrastructure projects would be in focus too, he added.

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