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China to 'Lead the World' by 2050 - Russian TV Report from Huge Beijing Congress

"There are almost 2,300 delegates in the hall and 300 people in the presidium. The main hall of the Great Hall of the People can host up to 10,000 people."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This Russian TV report is fascinating because it captures the atmosphere, excitement, scale, and color of this extraordinary event which was largely ignored in the Western media.

Search '19th party congress Beijing' in Googlag and see for yourself - no TV reports, a smattering or articles, - by and large unnoticed, drowned out by much more important, earth-shaking events like Harvey Weinstein's sex hang-ups.

<figcaption>The scale is jaw-dropping</figcaption>
The scale is jaw-dropping

In contrast, what transpired in Beijing, does have fair claim to being one of the most important stories in the world - the relentless rise of this remarkable country, and its unique approach to achieving that rise is game-changing and hugely important.

While America descends into squabbling chaos, they are building the future

One little factoid which jumped out at us:

"Eradication of corruption, with 1,4 million officials of different levels having been punished over the past years."

America could learn from their example - and apply that same resolve to the corrupt cesspool that is the US media, financial markets, political establishment, and deep state, - everything summed-up in the idea of 'the swamp'.

(Full transcript follows below)


"China witnesses its most important political event of the 5 years, the 19th Congress of the Communist Party.

Addressing the delegates, General Secretary Xi Jinping announced a new era of "Chinese socialism". The country is to complete modernization and become the leader by 2050.

The ambitious plan will be implemented by a new generation of Chinese politicians who will join the party's governing bodies following the results of the congress.

And it isn't only a domestic political event, China being the world's second-largest economy and the largest creditor of the USA."


"6 AM Beijing time, unprecedented security, a fleet of buses and journalists waiting in line to enter, a separate corridor for delegates: a quarter of them are women, a third are farmers and workers, one in ten belongs to small peoples, though they don't feel lost in a large crowd."

I represent the Yao people from the Hunan province. It's a poor region, it is important for us to hear that the state supports us.

"The report says that 65 million people, which equals Great Britain's population, have already been lifted out of poverty, with 40 million waiting for this. It's the final lap before a middle class society."

Eric Kipkorir Biegon, journalist (Kenya):

"This is a huge achievement, and I think it should be done in any part of the world. It's something worth learning."

"The whole world follows the congress. This hall hosts journalists from 134 countries. The radio broadcast is in Chinese, English and Russian, and the TV broadcast is also in Spanish, French and Arabic.

There are almost 2,300 delegates in the hall and 300 people in the presidium. The main hall of the Great Hall of the People can host up to 10,000 people. Journalists are in the second and third tiers.

It's the first time so many press-people, including foreigners, have been invited to the opening of the congress. China intends to continue the policy of openness, protecting its interests and sovereignty.

Society and armed forces will have been modernized by 2035. It consists in increasing the strategic potential and even informatization of the world's largest army for it to fully meet modern challenges. But China will never pursue the policy of expansion and urges other nations to abandon the Cold War mentality and muscle-flexing."

Xi Jinping:

"We must respect each other. New approaches based on dialogue and partnership are to be adopted in state-to-state relations, instead of confrontation and bloc mentality."

"Eradication of corruption, with 1,4 million officials of different levels having been punished over the past years.

Struggle for clean air and clean and secure Internet space. We'll create a system for the total control over the Internet, which will ensure that the global net is clean.

Protection of foreign investors and economic restructuring. The Asia Pacific stock exchanges are also following what is said in Beijing. On the eve of Congress they closed up, waiting for the event.

Today they have been waiting for data on the GDP of the world's second economy. It grew by a third to 80 trillion yuan.

China will carry out a legal reform, adopt amendments to the Party Constitution and reshuffle its leadership, which seems to be the main intrigue of the congress.

Under the existing rules, 5 out of 7 members of the Politburo can change. There are age limits, but they are rather arbitrary.

The two youngest freshmen - they tend to be in their 50s - were traditionally considered the heirs of the General Secretary of the Central Committee and the State Council premier. But it used to be the case for the previous 25 years.

Now there's no even a list of candidates, even experts are at a loss.

So this congress can go down in history as the most unpredictable."

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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