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China Buys S-400 Becoming First Foreign Customer of Russian Advanced Defense System

The S-400 is an upgrade of the S-300 and has been in service since 2007.

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This article originally appeared at The BRICS Post

China has purchased Russia’s most advanced air and missile defense system, Russian media outlets have reported.

<figcaption>S-500 system is currently under development</figcaption>
S-500 system is currently under development

China is now the first foreign customer of the S-400 air and missile defense systems, said Anatoly Isaykin, director general of Russia’s major arms exports firm Rosoborobexport. China already deploys a number of the Soviet-era S-300 defense system.

In an interview to Russian business daily Kommersant on Monday, Isaykin noted that the deal emphasizes the strategic nature of Russian-Chinese relations. He has also asserted that Moscow’s own military needs have to be satisfied first before new foreign clients can be added to the list of buyers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had, in principle, approved the deal with China last year.

With a range of 400 kilometers, S-400 Triumf is designed to shield from air strikes, strategic, cruise, tactical and operating tactical ballistic missiles and medium-range ballistic missiles.

The system is capable of launching up to 72 missiles and engaging up to 36 targets simultaneously.

Details of the Russia-China S-400 deal are awaited.

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