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Gems of Russian Wooden Architecture from the Urals

Another fantastic post from the incredible William Brumfield, who records architectural gems from Russia's interior, particularly the north.

This article from our archives was first published on RI in April 2015

We've featured William Brumsfield's work before.  He is an absolute treasure to the world of Russia studies.

He is the world's foremost non-Russian historian of Russian architecture, a preservationist and an architectural photographer. He is currently Professor of Slavic studies at Tulane University.

<figcaption>Go to the slideshow link in the article for some incredible images</figcaption>
Go to the slideshow link in the article for some incredible images

Check out the excellent slideshow in the full article.

His books are simply excellent.  Here is a list from Wikipedia:

In 1983 Brumfield, formerly a generalist of Slavic studies, established himself in the history of architecture with his first book, Gold in azure: one thousand years of Russian architecture. It was followed by The Origins of Modernism in Russian Architecture (1991), Russian housing in the modern age: design and social history (1993), A History of Russian Architecture (1993, Notable Book of that year[4] and a best seller[5] according to The New York Times), Lost Russia: Photographing the Ruins of Russian Architecture (1995), Landmarks of Russian Architecture: A Photographic Survey (1997) and Commerce in Russian urban culture: 1861-1914 (English edition 2001, Russian edition 2000).


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Here's a bit from the article at Russia and India Report:

Still, the region's richest concentration of the traditional art of building is at Khokhlovka. In comparison with other outdoor museums such as Malye Korely, the Khokhlovka Museum seems austere. Yet that austere beauty, with its Kama River landscape, is deeply characteristic of the Perm lands. A visit to Khokhlovka will provide a humane insight into the folk culture of the northwestern Urals.

Check out the excellent slideshow in the full article.

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