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Chechnya, the CIA and Terrorism

The CIA supports separatists/insurgents/terrorists when it believes this supports U.S. interests. It condemns, fights, and kills them when it believes that supports U.S. interests.

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In a new documentary, Putin brings to a wide audience the information that U.S. intelligence (presumably the CIA) supported Muslim terrorists in Chechnya. Although this is not news as shown below, the publicity helps. Putin also provides new details.

“Putin said he raised the issue with then-U.S. President George W. Bush, who promised to ‘kick the ass’ of the intelligence officers in question. But in the end, Putin said the Russian intelligence agency FSB received a letter from its ‘American counterparts’ who asserted their right to ‘support all opposition forces in Russia,’ including the Islamic separatists in the Caucasus.”

The CIA supports separatists/insurgents/terrorists when it believes this supports U.S. interests and it condemns, fights and kills them when it believes that supports U.S. interests. It sometimes arms them and later turns against them. In no case does any of its hanky-panky serve the interests of Americans, rightly conceived. Indeed, it produces blowback.

In April, 2013, Global Research discussed the CIA’s destabilization efforts and also the links to the Boston bombing. In 2009, Chechnya’s chief made the same accusation that Putin is now making. In 2010, an article from Turkey connected the dots concerning Chechnya, accusing the CIA of provoking the uprising and disputing the narrative peddled by the U.S. and the western media. As far back as 2004, an article in “The Guardian” shed light on the anti-Russian story about Chechnya that was being peddled by neocons like Perle, Abrams, Adelman, Decter, Gaffney, Bruce Jackson, Ledeen and Woolsley. This was through the “American Committee for Peace in Chechnya”. It would be no surprise to find that this is a CIA front.

This article already broached the rumor about CIA support of insurgents in Chechnya:

“Allegations are even being made in Russia that the west itself is somehow behind the Chechen rebellion, and that the purpose of such support is to weaken Russia, and to drive her out of the Caucasus. The fact that the Chechens are believed to use as a base the Pankisi gorge in neighbouring Georgia – a country which aspires to join Nato, has an extremely pro-American government, and where the US already has a significant military presence – only encourages such speculation. Putin himself even seemed to lend credence to the idea in his interview with foreign journalists on Monday.”

There is an interesting book by Aukai Collins called “My Jihad”, with his many experiences including dealing with the FBI doing illegal spy work and the CIA. In Phoenix, he meets Hani Hanjoor, who is taking flight lessons. Collin is at that time working with the FBI and reporting to “Andy”. He writes

“Both the FBI and Andy were fully aware of all the Arabs whom Gareeb and I had contact with including the scrawny little guy whose name is widely known now: Hani Hanjoor. Hani Hanjoor would get his pilot’s license in 1999 and would fly an American Airlines plane into the Pentagon. They were hardly ‘deep-cover sleepers’ as the FBI is calling them now.”

He says “…they made no secrets about what they thought or believed.”

He goes on to mention the 747 training:

“Some of the other Saudis were taking similar courses and some were taking actual flight training.”

The fact that real terrorists were known to the FBI and training openly for their attack shows a scarcely conceivable level of FBI incompetence. But it also tells us why we can dismiss as self-serving nonsense the FBI’s operations that are continually recruiting and inciting into terrorist schemes disaffected young men who quite often are mentally unstable or incompetent.

On the other hand, the CIA’s quirky schemes cannot be easily dismissed. They are part of the president’s private forces and they seem to get their oddball and dangerous ideas accepted at the highest levels, as in the case of the Bay of Pigs invasion and now the training of so-called moderate Arabs to bring down Syria’s head. At the same time, their effectiveness at funding and controlling front organizations shows a high degree of skill.

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