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Champagne Racism: A Top Radio Presenter in the UK Explains Russia Is 'Filthy' and 'Degenerate'

Hating on the working class and Eastern Europeans -- still the only permissible forms of bigotry among right-thinking circles

James O'Brien -- host of a daily call-in show on Britain's nation-wide LBC radio, and a self-described "champagne socialist" to his listeners:

"If you had to pick one issue that proves how mad we've allowed ourselves to become is the notion that Russia is anything than a filthy, degenerate, corrupt kleptocracy."

Ok, a "corrupt kleptocracy" that's a matter of opinion and furthermore is a comment on the Russian political system -- but "filthy" and "degenerate'" That's clearly a comment on the country as such. (A political system is not "filthy" or "degenerate".) And it's Nazi talk. This is how Nazis talked about their enemies. "Filthy Jews" and "degenerate West". Today it's how self-proclaimed 'champagne socialists' talk about Russia. 

Fact is if you take that sentence and replace "Russia" with any other country (except maybe another Eastern European country like Serbia, Hungary or Poland) it would be rightfully be deemed bigoted. However, there seems to be a consensus that vile western quasi-leftists such as O'Brien need a vent for their national chauvinism and so they never get called on it.

Chauvinism against the 'internal other', whether it's Eastern Europe in the global context, or the working class in the domestic context, remains a permissible form of bigotry.

In fact, it's not only permissible, it is a valid path to proving one is among the enlightened right-thinking crowd. -- Nothing quite bonds champagne socialists, champagne liberals and champagne neocons as effectively as the collective sneer towards "chavs" and "rednecks"....and Russians. (But to be fair Russians are generally thought to be 'merely' barbarian, retrograde, brutish, homophobic and, ironically, racist -- "filthy" and "degenerate" is quite the escalation that even seasoned Russia bashers might balk at .)

"The idea we're going to get a lecture from the Russians on anything frankly except how to run a completely corrupt kleptocracy is about as absurd as anything I've heard in the last six months."

Ie, uppity Russians must accept their station is to be the subject of the act of lecturing, but never the object doing the lecturing. That role is reserved solely for the British master race.

Some Brits may enjoy a national radio show telling them how much better they are than a barbarous, "filthy" and "degenerate" people on the eastern end of their continent, however, there is one thing I can assure you of: you will never hear a comparable Russian presenter issuing similar words -- the Russians have too much class for that.

Fools take pride in what a wise person would be ashamed of: LBC deems O'Brien's words 'devastating'
Fools take pride in what a wise person would be ashamed of: LBC deems O'Brien's words 'devastating'

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