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Liberal Weenie Trudeau Appoints Flaming Russophobe, Banned From Russia, Next FM

He's actually sucking up to right-wing Canadian-Ukrainians

As Trump has made it more clear than ever that America under his leadership will pursue good relations with Russia Canda's Trudeau is instead digging in.

He has just named one Chrystia Freeland his new foreign minister. Freeland worships Russia's liberal opposition and claims to be a Russophile, but is actually (just like the Russian liberals) partial to demonizing the Russian people. She once wrote:

"Russians have no one to blame but themselves for the brutal dictatorship they built in their own country and imposed on their neighbours."

It should not come as a huge surprise then that Freeland has been blacklisted by Moscow. So Canada now has a foreign minister who is barred from traveling to Russia.

This is no brave stand by Trudeau either. First of all Russia's is the liberals' favorite whipping boy and no points can ever be lost by turning one's nose at it.

Even more to the point Canada is home to a very large Ukrainian community. A community which overwhelmingly came over from Ukraine's westernmost regions and has great sympathy for right-wing Ukrainian nationalism.

Far from sticking up for something the hollow liberal Trudeau is actually sucking up to right-wingers.

See a write up from the excellent Paul Robinson for more on Freeland: link.

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