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Canada to Send Soldiers to Ukraine

The Canadian government intends to send troops to Ukraine in the coming months, CTV News reported, citing officials

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April 11, (Sputnik) - The troops will likely take part in a training mission and will not be involved in combat. Canadian soldiers will reportedly cooperate closely with US troops in Ukraine.

<figcaption>Canada sending troops to Ukraine</figcaption>
Canada sending troops to Ukraine

"This is expected to be the first rotation in this deployment, which implies there is more to come," CTV News reporter Mercedes Stephenson said. She added the government was still working out the details of the deployment.

The news sparked debate on Twitter, with one user saying, "Canada is sending troops to support one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. Good one Stevie!" Please, "say this is a joke. Any military presence is unnecessarily provocative," another one opined.

In February, Canada's Defense Minister Jason Kenney confirmed that the administration of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seriously considering taking part in the US-led training missions in Ukraine. Kenney said Canadian efforts would focus primarily on battlefield medical training.

"That's the kind of technical training that we can offer," he said, according to the Canadian Press. "We are in discussions and looking at options, and we’re open to – as I've been saying for two weeks now – open to participating in training missions."

Canada has already provided Ukrainian soldiers with two shipments of non-lethal military gear.

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MORE: Military

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