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California Man Stabs Mother 42 Times, Blames Russia

The perfect commentary on our moment in time. The message from the political elites that Russia can be scapegoated for anything has trickled down to common whackjobs.

A man who murdered his own mother with a knife claims he was under the influence of ‘Russian mind control’ at the time he committed the atrocity, a case highlighting the negative consequences of the mainstream media ‘blame it on Russia’ witch-hunt to mental health and public safety.

Kristian Rouz – Over the past 12 months, the failing mainstream media have manufactured an abundance of conspiracy theories involving Russia – from Russia allegedly being responsible for President Trump’s victory in last year’s election, to Russia having presumably staged Brexit in the UK.

<figcaption>Russia controls the US president, why not also the mind of a California resident?</figcaption>
Russia controls the US president, why not also the mind of a California resident?

These largely debunked narratives seem to have had an effect on the mentally-unstable, who are now willing to blame their own wrongdoing on Russia – the way things were blamed on the space aliens in the golden age of sci-fi movies, or on the Devil himself – at times of rife religious fervor.

Matthew Jensen, of Bakersfield, California, mercilessly murdered his own mother earlier this year, and is said to have tried to kill himself with a pocket knife when stopped by the police.

When apprehended and questioned, Jensen claimed ‘voices in his head’ told him to commit the gruesome and atrocious murder. He stressed he received telepathic directions from ‘Russian mind control.’

Court documents reveal the details of the egregious incident. On 24 October, Jensen was stopped by police in Arizona, and attempted to kill himself with a pocket knife. He was known to have recently undergone a mental health check – which, as was revealed later, occurred one day before he committed the murder.

Jensen was taken to the hospital to receive treatment from minor injuries to his chest. However, the police decided to check on his mother, Barbara Jensen Teague, alarmed by Jensen’s abnormal behavior.

Officers of Kern County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the house in Tehachapi, Calif., where Jensen and Teague resided together. There they discovered the woman’s body, lying in a pool of blood.

The coroner’s report suggests Jensen stabbed his mother 42 times, with life-threatening stab wounds found all over her body.

Court documents reveal 20 minutes after committing the cold-blooded murder, Jensen took his mother’s car, and started driving east. He was apprehended in another state, as he made half-hearted attempts to kill himself along the way, which resulted in his driving erratically.

Jensen insists the Russians exercised remote mind control on him, making him commit the atrocity. He also insists he wouldn’t have done it himself, because he was living a ‘happy’ life, and had no reason to kill anybody.

Investigators found on 23 October – one day before the murder – Teague took her son to Adventist Health clinic in Tehachapi. The woman said her son was behaving weirdly and insisted on a mental health check-up.

Police say Jensen appears to suffer from a mental disorder. He remains calm and polite, and able to care for himself.

After his extradition from Arizona to Kern County, Calif., Jensen pleaded ‘not guilty’ of first-degree murder. He is set to appear in court again on 17 January.

The logic behind his ‘Russian mind control’ story is not yet clear. Some say he might have absorbed the narratives of major TV stations and other mainstream media, which, aided by his mental disorder, produced the horrendous outcome.

Others suggest he is consciously exploiting the ‘Russian’ label in attempts to get a softer sentence, or even possibly get away with the murder.

Source: Sputnik

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