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Working Alone Sucks: Moscow’s Best Coworking Venues

The Russian capital has some very hip and comfortable venues for getting things done

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Rabochnaya Stantsiya

Upbeat, youthful coworking

Rabochnaya Stantsiya (Work Station) already has two spots in the city — one at ArtPlay and another in the center of Gorky Park. Both venues are bright, airy, furnished with wide plywood desks and modern furniture and offer a variety of outdoor and indoor areas for meetings and solo working. Rabochnaya Stantsiya has a youthful buzz to it — the place is as much about meeting with like-minded individuals as perfecting your PowerPoint presentation.


Three levels of membership are available: Hipster (13,000 rubles per month), Freelancer (15,000 rubles per month) and Start-up (18,000 rubles per month). All include Wi-Fi, kitchen access, a work station and access to the meeting room. Various locations

Svobodnoye Plavaniye

Blue sky thinking

Less than five-minute's walk from Nagatinskaya metro, Svobodnoye Plavaniye (Free Floating) has just the right number of Scandinavian-style ceiling lamps and bright desk chairs to make it a nirvana for business-minded creatives. Office equipment, including projectors, flip-charts and that all-important coffee machine, is available as part of the package. The lowest tariff starts at 5,900 rubles per month. And if you find yourself floundering at home with no internet connection, a day will only set you back 400 rubles. Access to the meeting and conference rooms comes with the higher-end packages.

+7 (499) 426 0626 
28A Varshavskoye Shosse. Metro Nagatinskaya


Hipster coworking hostel

Derevo (Tree) is a loft-style hostel and coworking venue boasting bespoke ergonomic furniture, industrial-chic light fittings and, as you might expect, plenty of wooden finishes. Imagine the lovechild of a minimalist tree house and an industrial office and you're pretty much there. Derevo is fully equipped for seminars and conferences but will also suit individuals looking to pinpoint their business strategy at a desk with a riverside view. And if inspiration runs away with you until the early hours, you can book into one of the hostel's simple but cozy rooms for the night. Prices for individuals start at 435 rubles per day or 10,000 rubles per month. Meeting and conference rooms can be rented by the hour.

+ 7 (499) 135 4503 
2 Paveletskaya Naberezhnaya, Bldg. 5. Metro Paveletskaya


Start-up heaven

Honed the idea for your start-up but need a little support to get the wheels turning? #tceh could be for you. The modern office space offers panoramic windows, private meeting rooms and onsite showers (if you literally work up a sweat). #tceh also hosts courses on everything from investment theory to coding. It's the kind of place where entrepreneurs share success stories and dreams for the future as they lounge on brightly colored beanbags. Rates are toward the pricier end but there is a monthly off-peak tariff for weeknights and weekends (6,000 rubles) and even an option for part-timers (18,000 rubles over 3 months).

+7 (499) 647 5102 
SilverCity Business Center 
29 Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya. Metro Kurskaya

DI Telegraph

Chic,central and stylish

DI Telegraph is situated inside the iconic Central Telegraph building. The venue puts a particular emphasis on facilitating collaboration between creative types and entrepreneurs, which is why coworking mixers among staff feature so highly on the list of perks that come with a monthly membership. A day will set you back 800 rubles. At the other end of the scale is the team tariff: for 99,000 rubles per month, you and your six favorite minions can access a designated desk area, hone your knowledge through expert consultations and profit from more hours in the meeting room than any sane person would wish for. Plus you get to say your office is on Tverskaya Ulitsa, which isn't too shabby.

+7 (495) 580 3521 
7 Tverskaya Ulitsa. Metro Okhotny Rya

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